Busy D.A.’s Office

It was FOUR MONTHS AGO today, on April 10, that the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry filed a Grand Jury Petition with the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York demanding that he present to a special grand jury evidence of unprosecuted federal crimes at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. (For background as presented by the Committee, click here.)

It seems like a long time, but in the overall scheme of things maybe it’s not. A lot goes on in that district: Two other cases were page one news yesterday, one in The Berkshire Eagle, the other in The New York Times:

* Of particular interest to some Pittsfield and Berkshires residents, biotech entrepreneur Patrick Muraca was convicted Wednesday by a jury in Manhattan’s Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse of defrauding investors in two companies he founded and lying about it to federal investigators. At least one of the enterprises, MetaboRX or NanoMolecularDX, was seen as a possibility for Pittsfield’s William Stanley Business Park. Assistant U.S. Attorney David Abramowicz delivered closing arguments Monday. See Eagle reporter Haven Orecchio-Egresitz’s two stories here and here.

* Atop page one of yesterday’s Times, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman is seen announcing the unsealing of the indictment of U.S. Representative Chris Collins, charged with insider trading and lying to federal investigators. The congressman’s son and his son’s fiancée’s father face related charges in connection with unloading shares of the publicly-traded Australian pharmaceutical manufacturer Innate Immunotheraputics Ltd. shortly after its only product failed a critical test.

Berman accused the congressman of “brazenly using his private information” as a director of the company “to help his son and others avoid financial disaster.” The case will draw national attention because Collins, an early and influential backer of Donald Trump’s presidential bid, was already the subject of an ethics investigation. See one of the two Times articles here.

 –   –   –

* On July 30, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry filed a First Amended Grand July Petition. According to the Committee, it references all of the same evidence presented in our original petition, but also has added three additional federal crimes that we allege the submitted evidence shows were committed related to the tragic events of 9/11.”

* On August 6, the Committee “submitted 2,092 names of supporters” to U.S. Attorney Berman.

Details on that and more are available through the Committee’s website, LCfor911.org/.

— Mark

Freedom of Speech

Seen on the side of Elizabeth’s Restaurant on outer East Street in Pittsfield, in black lettering on a horizontal white sign measuring about 4 by 6 feet:

Government is not reason, / it is not eloquence — it is a force! / Like fire, it is a dangerous servant / and fearful master; / never for a moment should / it be left to irresponsible action.” / –GEORGE WASHINGTON

The sign has been there for years, the restaurant for about 30. Its outside walls are of white stucco and trimmed with a bright but sun-faded turquoise. In the shade of the front porch hang two small banners, a black-and-white one with an equal (=) sign and one with just the bright colors of the rainbow.

Elizabeth’s is a door or two west of the brick house where Francis Quirico, a state Superior Court judge for 13 years and a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court justice for another 12, lived all his life.

Tom Ellis is maitre d’ and his wife, Elizabeth, is in charge of the kitchen. He is a former probation officer in the court system.

It’s one of the last places Bruce and I walked past with our light-reflective “9/11 TRUTH” signs — orange-bordered black lettering on white, 1 foot by 1 foot — fore and aft on the afternoon of May 9 before I went left on Newell Street toward my home and Bruce continued on East toward his on the second-to-last day of walking between Provincetown on Cape Cod to the New York State line.

The food is good there.

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Note: George Washington may never have written or said what is on the Elizabeth’s sign, a variation of similar sayings of yore, but there is no evidence that he did not.

— Mark

Consider . . .

From Maine 9/11 Truth:

Headline: Fifty Reasons to Doubt the Official Account of 9/11

1) A proper analysis of the collapse of each of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11/01 shows that they were not destroyed by the fires and plane impacts.

2) One hundred eighteen first-responders are on record describing explosions both before and as the towers fell — including explosions in the lobby or basement of both towers.

3) The architects who designed the Twin Towers factored in the possibility of airliner crashes, and the buildings were highly over-engineered.

4) An article in the Open Chemical Physics Journal of April 2009 documents the presence of ubiquitous unreacted high-tech explosives in dust samples from lower Manhattan after the attacks.

5) Multi-ton steel girders were hurled hundreds of feet and lodged into nearby buildings. Debris in the footprint of each tower was barely two stories high.

6) High powered debris ejections can be seen remote from the collapse zones in the Twin Towers as the destruction ensues.

7) The Twin Towers each had a massive structural central core. In a gross misrepresentation, the 9/11 Commission Report referred to this core as “a hollow steel shaft, in which the elevators and stairwells were grouped.”

8) Structural failure in a skyscraper would have an entirely different appearance than that of the collapsing World Trade Center towers. A failing building would be prone to topple, buckle or shed debris, instead of being progressively shredded with perfect radial symmetry at close to free-fall speed.

9) The Twin Towers generated vastly more dust and pulverized material than can be accounted for by the total gravitational potential energy of the buildings – the only substantial source of energy available for that destruction.

10) Bright orange molten metal can be seen pouring from the side of the South Tower shortly before it collapses.

11) There are accounts of extreme heat within the debris pile at ground zero including descriptions of red hot and even molten steel.

12) Tiny iron-rich microspheres have been found in dust samples collected from across lower Manhattan on 9/11. The origin of these has yet to be explained in official reports.

13) Mayor Giuliani has stated publicly that he was told the first tower was about to collapse. This is extraordinary considering that in the history of high-rise fires there has never been such a collapse.

14) The second tower to be hit — the South Tower — received less damage than the first yet it collapsed in approximately half the time. Firefighters radioed from the crash zone that they found just two pockets of fire that they could “knock down” with two lines.

15) The 10,000-page NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report on the destruction of the Twin Towers contains many flaws and does not actually address the collapses. It described events in each tower up to the point at which “collapse became inevitable.”

16) The 5:20 p.m. total collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, a 47-story modern skyscraper north of the North Tower, has the appearance of a perfectly engineered internal demolition. The official Rube Goldberg collapse explanation is not plausible.

17) The collapse of WTC 7 was reported by the BBC a half hour before it happened, suggesting that the building’s destruction was planned and anticipated.

18) The first few seconds of the collapse of WTC 7 has been officially acknowledged to be at 100% of free-fall, thus essentially proving internal demolition.

19) The owner of WTC 7 stated on a PBS special that he and the fire department commander made the decision to “pull it” and they “watched the building collapse.”

20) WTC debris was hastily sold as scrap metal, allowing no proper investigation of the cause of the destruction.

21) In 2006 700+ bone fragments were found on top of the 40-story Deutsche Bank building several hundred feet from where the South Tower stood.

22) On the eastern seaboard on 9/11, air defense was deployed from unnecessarily remote bases after unexplainable delays and the planes traveled at a fraction of their top speed — all to arrive too late in both New York and Washington.

23) There were an unprecedented number of domestic war games taking place on 9/11, including ones with simulated hijackings.

24) Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta witnessed Vice President Cheney confirm what appeared to be a stand-down order from the White House bunker just prior to the Pentagon being hit.

25) There is evidence that five of the hijackers had lived at, and/or trained at, U.S. military bases.

26) We have only ever seen a few grainy seconds from what should have been minutes of video from airport security cameras.

27) The passenger lists for all four flights, published by the airlines and CNN after September 11, contained none of the hijackers’ names. The flights were only about 30% full.

28) The documented behavior of the hijackers before 9/11 was decidedly un-Muslim.

29) The paper trail for a $100,000 payment to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta points back to the United States.

30) The FBI’s most-wanted list did not mention 9/11 as a crime that Osama bin Laden was sought for. An FBI spokesperson has stated that this was because of no hard evidence.

31) A much touted December 2001 video of Osama bin Laden confessing has been proven to be phony.

32) Numerous pre-9/11 Al Qaeda and Bin Laden investigations were thwarted or hampered by higher-ups.

33) President Bush twice stated in public that before he entered the Emma T. Booker Elementary School classroom he looked at a television and saw the first WTC tower being hit by a plane. Such footage was not shown on TV until the next day.

34) The President and his Secret Service behaved irrationally on 9/11, lingering at the elementary school a half hour after the second crash as the full blown national crisis unfolded.

35) The public has never seen clear pictures or video of the Pentagon being hit by a plane. After an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request the Department of Justice acknowledged that it had 85 videos confiscated from cameras on or near the Pentagon that it has declined to release.

36) The extreme and roundabout maneuvering of “Flight 77” led to it hitting the only part of the Pentagon that was under renovation. Virtually no plane wreckage was visible after the attack.

37) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is on film carrying stretchers just after the Pentagon attack, begging the question “how did he know there were not more attacks on the way?”

38) Plane debris in Pennsylvania was found five miles from the crash site, suggesting that flight 93 was destroyed while in the air. No obvious wreckage was visible at the stated crash site.

39) Of eight pilots on the four planes, none of them entered the four-digit emergency hijacking code on their transponders.

40) Singed but intact hijacker passports were found on a street in New York and in the impact hole in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Such obviously planted evidence raises the question of who would plant it and why.

41) A brother and a cousin of President Bush were affiliated with one of the security companies (Securacom) for the World Trade Center complex.

42) Calls for an investigation into the attacks were repeatedly brushed aside by the Bush administration. Finally, after 14 months, the 9/11 Commission was formed. The Commission ended up being packed with insiders with conflicts of interest and it took as its starting point that Al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks.

43) Of the questions submitted to the Commission by the victims’ family members 70% were left unanswered in the final report.

44) Max Cleland resigned from the Commission stating that the limited scope of its work was a “national scandal.” A majority of the commissioners, including the two co-chairs, have since spoken out about a range of problems with both their process and the resulting report.

45) The 9/11 Commission Report’s case against Al Qaeda and Bin Laden is based on third-hand CIA accounts of detainee confessions while undergoing “enhanced interrogation.” We are told that the videotapes of these sessions have been destroyed.

46) There were many stock market anomalies just prior to 9/11, indicating individuals with inside knowledge of the planned attacks. The 9/11 Commission absolved the investors behind these anomalies with comments such as that they had “no conceivable ties to Al Qaeda.”

47) The technique of creating war-fever through a staged or fabricated attack on oneself has extensive historical precedent. In 1962 the Pentagon drew up such a plan, called Operation Northwoods. It proposed attacks on Americans that would be blamed on Cuba.

48) There is a large body of material expounding on the aggressive role that the U.S. could or should play on the world stage. This includes frank references to imperial aspirations and to the usefulness of a new Pearl Harbor-type event. The point of view is akin to that of Manifest Destiny.

49) Plans for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were set in motion before 9/11/01.

50) The 9/11 attacks and the threat of terrorism have been invoked repeatedly to gain support for domestic and foreign policy initiatives that otherwise would not be popular. We are told that the new “war on terror” justifies a wholesale shift in our priorities and that that war may not end in our lifetimes.

A Breath of Maine Air

From Maine 9/11 Truth:

–   –   –

Headline: The importance of understanding 9/11

It is not an easy thing to revisit details of the day September 11, 2001. Yet our responsibility to justice and to posterity suggests that this effort is now needed.

Worldwide, there is a growing movement that is engaged in a reexamination of 9/11 and the political context in which it is embedded. The near-unanimous conclusion of the diverse individuals that make up this movement is that “Islamist extremists” were not responsible for 9/11 and that the attack was, instead, orchestrated or enabled by a faction within our United States government.

The facts and evidence that lead to this suspicion can be found in myriad print, film and Internet materials, some of which we have linked here.

Among the facts surrounding that day there is very little that supports the government’s official story and there is much that contradicts it. Particular pieces of dramatic evidence can, by themselves, prove the lie of an externally orchestrated terrorist attack. One such piece is the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 at 5:20 in the afternoon of 9/11. Video of this collapse speaks clearly for itself: the building’s total, precipitous and symmetrical destruction has the signature appearance of a planned demolition.

How important is it to our country or the world that 9/11 is reinvestigated? If it is true that the attack that day was conceived by individuals within the world’s most powerful country then that sheds light on the balance of the perpetrators’ plans. In particular it shows that wars of aggression, unjust incarceration and curtailment of individual rights are most likely also part and parcel to those plans. The “war on terror” rubric may itself be entirely phony, part of an ideology and a strategy in which fear is a central ingredient.

If these suspicions are true then our country, as well as the entire world, is now truly in a dire circumstance. But while the perpetuation of such corruption would be disastrous, the full exposure of that corruption, by contrast, would represent a profound new opportunity for our country, and indeed for all of civilization!

History is replete with examples of the abuse of power. Is it possible that the world is now ready for this to be the last such instance of attempted rule by the few over the many? This introduces a complicated subject, but there are clear signs of a growing determination by peoples everywhere to finally bring about a truly just and sustainable world.

To this end we devote the Maine 9/11 Truth website: a world of peace — liberated from corruption — through a commitment to truth.


Is the United States currently the most heavily and effectively propagandized country on the face of the earth?

How would one measure such a thing?

Where in the world is The New York Times on the subject of the crime of the century, the mass murder of September 11, 2001, much of which took place in the newspaper’s front yard and the U.S. government’s explanations for which don’t begin to hold water yet go unchallenged by the Times?

Who calls the shots over there?

Can a nation be accurately deemed a democratic republic if it is so ill served by mainstream media utterly out to lunch on key events and practices?

Are the mainstream media of this country putting themselves out of business for sheer lack of credibility?

Why should Bruce Henry and I, two reasonably intelligent retirees who bother to pay attention, have found ourselves walking across Massachusetts from Provincetown to the New York State line this spring to raise awareness about the need for a real investigation into all aspects of the September 11, 2001, crimes, before, during and after that date?

Why do, almost without exception, educated and accomplished members of polite society demur to the point of muteness when given copies of the excellent booklet “Beyond Misinformation: What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7” put out by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth?

What do the questions above have to do with the mainstream media’s self-muzzling in the face of revelations concerning the murder of President Kennedy in 1963 and the murders of Martin Luther KIng Jr. and Sen. Robert Kennedy less than five years later?

Why does the United States place 45th in the current ranking of the World Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders?

How much did the current president’s 2016 election have to do with his campaign’s striking a chord with an electorate in agreement with his assessment of the news media’s credibility?

What popular-culture offerings of this and the last century can help shed light on these interrelated questions?

Can aroused and awakened citizens rise to the task, or has “mum’s the word” become the national motto in the “land of the brave and the home of the free”?

What happened to the child in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” who shouted what he saw as the naked monarch walked asininely by in a parade?

More than three months have passed since two of us took to the Commonwealth’s highways with our four “9/11 TRUTH” signs — to hearteningly positive response. This website is an extention of the walk. It’s one of dozens deemed unnewsworthy in by the managers of corrupt and compromised news media seemingly dedicated to coverup.

In the coming weeks we will try to give useful context and answers.

— Mark

Citizen Action Requested

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is urging citizens to contact their members of the U.S. House of Representatives this week to become co-sponsors of the Bobby McIlvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act.

The Act would empanel a select committee in either chamber of Congress to re-investigate the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. It is named for a man killed by an explosion as he entered the North Tower that morning.

An email to Massachusetts recipients identifies three Boston-area U.S. Reps as possible sponsors — Stephen Lynch of District 8, Michael Capuano of District 7, and Katherine Clark of District 5. They were co-sponsors of House Resolution 14, which successfully called on President Obama to release 28 pages redacted from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. Lynch and Capuano later co-sponsored the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, or JASTA.

The message adds that although U.S. Reps. Seth Moulton of District 6 and Joseph Kennedy III of District 4 “were not sponsors of H. Res. 14 or JASTA … that doesn’t mean we should pass them up. Please make the call!”

More information here.

— Mark

The Over-Mile Effect

One commonly walks only limited distances. What is a long walk for you? A mile? Half-mile? Ten miles? Whatever it is, your body adapts to your foot-milage pattern; exceeding accustomed mileage activates the over-mile effect.

One can exceed one’s habitual or often-done mileage by the simple expedient of putting one foot ahead of the other. It works. However, it only works on the flat road. Even a curb can become a minor challenge to negotiate. Uneven ground more so, and downhill grades. One has to slow down. This is the over-mile effect.

— Bruce

From ‘Down East’?

In the absence of anything specifically concerning our walk across Massachusetts this spring to demand a new, honest and independent investigation into the crimes of 9/11, here’s the second recommendation this month of a website bearing the name of the state of Maine.

The site opens with:

“It’s not an easy thing to revisit the details of the day September 11, 2001. Yet our responsibility to justice and to posterity suggests that this effort is now needed.”

All of that introduction is at www.maine911truth.org. So are other informative sections including one titled “Fifty Reasons to Doubt the Official Account of 9/11.”

— Mark


What Bothers Me Most About 9/11

Complacency about the USA Patriot Act and its successor laws

Many people think: “9/11 happened a long time ago. It’s over. It doesn’t affect us now.”

Except it does.

Follow-on versions of the Patriot Act have gotten more severe, not less, to the extent that now any U.S. citizen (never mind non-citizens) can be detained for any reason and held indefinitely without charge, deprived of outside contact. That it has not yet been widely applied is cold comfort; that can change at any time. Wait until the next “crisis.”

— Bruce

No No, Northrup!

In place of something about 9/11 truth or our walk across Massachusetts, here’s a quote.

“A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

— Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, U.S.M.C. (1881-1940)

Caitlin Johnstone chose it to lead off her post about a recent news item at https://steemit.com/politics/@caitlinjohnstone/nation-horrified-to-learn-child-killing-death-merchants-have-racist-employee

Thanks to Mark Crispin Miller (no relation), who recommended it today.

— Mark