‘We Expect to Win It’

A victory may be in sight.

Near the end of the “9/11 Media Tool Kit” referred to in the entry of two days ago, litigation director Mick Harrison of the Lawyers’ Committee, says about the lawsuit* filed March 25 against the FBI and the Justice Department:

“[A]s a lawyer, I expect to win it. You might be surprised…. Not every 9/11 litigation that’s been tried in the past for citizens has had success. This one I expect to win — and for a very simple reason: All this evidence we’re talking about is either in the hands of the FBI (which is true, I think, for five of the six categories), and the other category that Richard [Gage] mentioned they’ve acknowledged the work of the Architects & Engineers and their plan to review it.

“[A]ll we have to prove to win this case is that the evidence is 9/11-related, that the FBI knew about it, that the original 9/11 Commission did not consider it, and that the new [9/11 Review] Commission did not assess it.

“And I can tell you — you can read our complaint,* black and white, on all four of those points, on all seven of the counts. We should win on each one of these.

“So this is not a symbolic action. We expect to win it. We expect it to result in a new assessment of evidence to be given to Congress and then by doing that we expect the American public to be better informed.”

–   –   –

* To read the full lawsuit, click HERE and again on the Download button.

9/11 Media Tool Kit

On March 25 a group of plaintiffs sued the FBI and the Justice Department in federal court to have those two agencies supply to Congress considerable important evidence they have illegally withheld regarding the murderous attacks of September 11, 2001. (Congress in 2014 mandated that the two institutions release the evidence to it along with independent assessments of it, but they have refused and have not been called out on this refusal by the nation’s news media.)

Today, the Washington, D.C.-based Justice Integrity Project carried a comprehensive “tool kit” for anyone with the time and inclination to delve into the lawsuit and the 9/11 mass-murder mystery the plaintiffs aim to solve. Find it HERE.

Don’t Fall for Fear

A five-by-seven-inch postcard came today from ACLU Massachusetts with “SPEAK UP” in bold red lettering against a tinted photograph of demonstrators. Two of their placards stood out:


On the address side was this: “The ACLU of Massachusetts works — in the courts, legislature, and communities — to lead the resistance, promote equality, and defend democracy.”

It took about two seconds to realize that the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry is doing just that for the nation, in two United States Districts — for Southern New York (which includes Manhattan) and for the District of Columbia, fighting for full investigations of the phony government narratives about the acts of mass-murder terror blamed on Muslim “extremists” on Sept. 11, 2001. The legislature for which the suit was filed in late March in D.C. is the Congress of the United States.

“Join us in the fight to protect liberty and justice for all,” is the appeal of ACLU Massachusetts.

The Lawyers’ Committee, as one can see HERE, HERE and HERE, is doing the same thing* in those two federal court districts for a nation the perpetrators set about to terrorize.

This sometimes-dormant blog should have more on this in a day or three. Please visit again and again and become active for truth, justice, and reconciliation. While there is zero information on these two legal actions in the mainstream media, there is a wealth of it on the web, for which there will be an updated list here soon.

— Mark

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* In league with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. (It needs to be noted that at no level is the ACLU affiliated or working with either of these two organizations, whose focus is solely on real, full and transparent investigations of “9/11.”)

‘… No News Today’

Below please find an early 1950s song that says a lot about the news business. To listen, click on the title.

‘No There Ain’t No News Today’ *

When the chauffeur met his boss at the ship (at the ship) / as the father just returned from the trip (from the trip) / he said “What have you to say? Have you any news today?”

No there ain’t no news today (no news today).

No there ain’t no news today (doodowa, doodowa doowah). / Ain’t a thing that I can say (doodowa, doodowa doowah). / But we lost our home when the barn burned down / while we all were gone away (doodowa doowah).

No there ain’t no news today — / everything is quite okay. / But the maid had a fit, ’cause the butler quit. / Still there ain’t no news today.

Saxiphone and piano take over for a bit.

And the cook left town one day (doodowa doodowa doowah) — / and he took your wife away (doodowa doodowa doowah). / And the cow** sat ’round when the house burned down. / Still there ain’t no news today (doodowa doodowa doowah).

No there ain’t … no news … to-day.

–   –   –

* Recorded by The Penguins in 1954

** Best guess at this word

What Lawsuit?

“I have become a reproach to all my enemies and even to my neighbors, a dismay to those of my acquaintance; when they see me in the street they avoid me.” — Psalm 31:11

“Well, I don’t know what kind of change it’s gonna make. It’s like evolution — changes don’t happen in a week, changes don’t happen in a year, changes don’t happen in ten years. But … this keeps on getting out, and I’ve heard from people around the world. So it’s all there. People have to find out…. You know, they go in their community, you know, and you get ostracized. … [Y]ou’ve got to put the work in. … It’s science, and that’s what convinced my wife, the science….” — Plaintiff Robert McIlvaine, when asked if he felt the legal action just brought in Federal District Court would make a change

–   –   –

UNS News Advisory:


PITTSFIELD, Mass. (Unnamed News Service) April 14 — It was learned this week from a source in Washington, D.C., that a complete transcript of the news conference about a complaint filed on March 25 in U.S. District Court against the FBI and the Justice Department to release information withheld in violation of a Congressional mandate about the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, will appear on one or more websites by the end of April.

Making statements and answering questions at the news conference were Attorneys David Meiswinkle and Mick Harrison of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and Robert McIlvaine, whose son was one of the first persons killed at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001.

Major newspapers and news services did not cover the legal filing or the news conference,* which was held on the sidewalk in front of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest a couple of blocks from the United States District Court. Most of a reports by the Courthouse News Service was quickly withdrawn from its website.**

–   –   –

* Click HERE for a 46-minute video of the news conference, which does not contain extensive preliminary remarks.

** The 500-word report, HERE, was posted on the Courthouse News Service website on March 26. All but its first two paragraphs were deleted within a few hours.

‘Get Together’

If you hear the song I sing
You will understand
You hold the key to love and fear
All in your trembling hand
Just one key unlocks them both
It’s there at your command

To hear and read about the song best known from a 1967 recording by The Youngbloods, click HERE**.

–   –   –

* A verse that especially appealed to singer Lizz Wright

** For a segment on today’s NPR show “Morning Edition”


On April 9, 1945, the German Lutheran pastor, theologian and dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed by hanging in a concentration camp for association with a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Bonhoeffer and others founded Germany’s Confessing Church in opposition to the unification of all Protestant churches into a single church compatible with Nazism.

The first paragraph of his book The Cost of Discipleship* reads:

“Cheap grace is the deadly enemy of our Church. We are fighting to-day for costly grace.”

–   –   –

* Initially published in German in 1937 as Nachfolge

Happy . . .

. . . Birthday, Seymour M. Hersh! *

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* Former reporter for United Press International, the Associated Press, Dispatch News Service and the New York Times; former contributor to The New Yorker, occasional contributor to The London Review of Books, and author, most recently, of The Killing of Osama bin Laden (Verso, 2016) and Reporter: A Memoir (Knopf, 2018); born on this day in 1937.

Note: For a look at the 10,000-word essay which forms the bulk of the book of four pieces by Hersh published in LRB, click HERE. It originally appeared in the May 21, 2015, issue of that periodical.

Flight 11 Fishiness

American Airlines Flight 11 was a Boeing 767 jetliner that allegedly departed from Logan International Airport in Boston on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

There is some doubt about the departure, to say the least. Author and researcher James Perloff’s take on Flight 11 may be found HERE. It’s a blog post titled “Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11,” adapted from a chapter of his 2013 book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

Some commentary on this post emailed in two separate messages from a seemingly knowledgeable friend:

“Just started with the pdf and it is mostly Mis info. … Perlof [sic] mentions that cell calls from an aircraft at speed nearly impossible. Not nearly , absolutely impossible.   … Cell Calls ?  Impossible but I believe the GTE calls were cell calls also. ( General Telephone ) FLT AA 11 was on the ground at 8:18 at perhaps CEF AFB. That’s what R Roth* claims. That’s a great pdf. Lots of info in one place.”

–   –   –

* Rebecca Roth, former flight attendant and author of the 2015 novel Methodical Illusion