Lunacy? Madness?

I was looking for another book this morning when I came across a 1969 hardcover copy of The Establishment Is Alive and Well in Washington, by one of the two maestros of humorous column writing of the mid- to late 20th century, Art Buchwald. I had paid probably 50 cents for it used a decade or three ago so it didn’t owe me anything, but the title jumped out. The Establishment is still alive and well in Washington, where corporate interests reign.

If Buchwald and fellow humor columnist Russell Baker were still alive and writing, either would do well to train his sights on fellow Establishment columnists and reporters and editors who serve the Establishment so well that readers and TV news watchers blame elected politicians and whatever (major) political party for problems — while not realizing that without the Establishment-serving columnists and reporters and editors, the Establishment-serving elected office-holders couldn’t serve the Establishment so well, to the detriment of majorities in “our democracy” which they might be expected to be trying to serve.

In short, to paraphrase the late Marshall McLuhan, the media is the problem.

The media that the Establishment (corporate) media tirelessly blame for “misinformation” are the uncontrollable independent (often retired) individuals trying to figure things out — often with the help of non-Establishment, non-corporate media authorities.

How often, for instance, have newspaper readers and TV news watchers been reminded that the pharmaceutical industry (raking in the money from vaccines, free from any liability thanks to Congress) vies with the weapons-manufacturers for the title of most powerful/influential single one of the Establishment interests in Washington? Often enough?

What interests benefit from the current government/media fixation on vaccines and vaccine mandates as the cure-all globally for the coronavirus pandemic?  Why, pharmaceutical ones.

I know that I am led to this line of thinking because I am reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, which has not — to my knowledge — been reviewed in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, or an other publication Americans are encouraged to look to for guidance. Maybe soon a decent, even negative, review will show up in an Establishment publication, and if this happens I’ll make note of it.

–   –   –

In the meantime, how about THIS opinion column headed “Two-faced COVID madness” Wednesday in my local daily, The Berkshire Eagle, by Paul Waldman, who writes a blog affiliated with the (Establishment) Washington Post? Waldman takes off after a congresswoman named Nancy Mace. On one TV program she likes what natural immunity can do against Covid, while on another TV program says “I have been a proponent of vaccinations.”

For Waldman, natural immunity is “dangerous lunacy.” Mace has been in favor of vaccines. So is Robert Kennedy Jr., who describes himself as not anti-vaccine across the board but skewers Dr. Fauci for promoting vaccines (along with Bill Gates) as the answer to everything coronavirus.

For my money,  Waldman’s is an exemplary propagandandistic hit piece aimed not so much at Mace as at Americans who question the government/media insistence that vaccine, vaccine, vaccine is the answer to Covid. Waldman, an openly left-of-center writer with close-to-zero medical or scientific credentials, has latched onto the establishmentarian side of the divide on combatting Covid. Readers of the blog you are reading now would do well to click on his column and note the loaded language.

Get vaccinated, he urges — while employing “conspiracy theory” (the term) twice and lamely throwing up a couple of straw men to swat down. The column is without substance. Do read it for the lessons in dubious rhetoric it can teach. He targets a politician, but also everyone out there including his readers who don’t swallow the one-sided and overly simplistic government/media line.

Would Art Buchwald or Russell Baker be amused? Would either do a column lampooning Waldman? That’s doubtful, because he’s a fellow journalist. Who knows? But it’s not funny.

— Mark Channing Miller

My Nomination

I nominate Michael Spector as possibly the best person to review Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book, The Real Anthony Fauci.

Spector is a writer for The New Yorker magazine and is or has been adjunct professor of bioengineering at Stanford University. In the spring of 2020 he wrote a long piece about Dr. Fauci, “How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor.” Last year also, his audio book, Fauci, came out. He would seem to be the most authoritative person in this country to assess Kennedy’s book, which casts a skeptical eye on Dr. Fauci’s role in guiding how the United States and other countries have dealt with the novel coronavirus.

Spector appears to be a Fauci fan. (HERE is his New Yorker piece.) Kennedy is not. In previous entries I have written favorably about the book on Nov. 17, 18, 21 and 23. (Click on each numbers to read.) But what do I know? So far, though, I have not seen any references to reviews in the news media.

–   –   –

P.S. Roughly four hours after completing the above “nomination,” just before supper, an hour ago I came across THIS RECOMMENDATION by Edward Curtin of “Behind the Curtain,” who I’m delighted (but not surprised) to see is working on a review of The Real Anthony Fauci himself.

Curtin appeals to his readers to view an hour-long interview of the book’s author by Tucker Carlson of Fox News on “Tucker Carlson Today.”

I’ll just add that just as Kennedy’s book would benefit from an index, so the online version of the televised interview would benefit from a transcript.

— Mark Channing Miller

Truth Be Told . . .

PICTURE A full-page house ad in what is regarded as the most authoritative newspaper in the United States, with lettering in black on a muted yellow background. It looks something like this.

The truth
takes a journalist

More than 1,700 journalists work for The New York Times.
They come from Iraq, Iowa and everywhere in between.
They include doctors, former service members, business
graduates and lawyers. They also include a son who bonded
with his mother over kimchi, a woman who chose a school
for her daughter in a segregated city and a man who got his
start in journalism while attending college — and working
two jobs. They’re people who have dedicated their lives to
helping us understand the world.

The New York Times

–   –   –

AND THEN there is this message from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth about their new billboard on Times Square aimed at the mangers who keep the journalists in line. Click HERE to see the billboard and read a few paragraphs about why it’s where it is.

–   –   –

IN YESTERDAY’S Times Ben Smith’s  weekly “The Media Equation” feature is devoted to the thorny question of truth. It is headed

New Words
To Label
The Truth

and begins, “On Friday afternoons this fall, news executives have dialed into a series of off-the-record Zoom meetings led by Harvard academics whose goal is to ‘help newsroom leaders fight misinformation and media manipulation.’” Read it all HERE courtesy of the Washingtonian magazine.

One observer’s guess is that some of the attendees would like to meet elsewhere, in person, to discuss getting the word out comprehensively about, say, the September 2001 terror attacks or the worldwide coronavirus mess of the past two years.

–   –   –

OVER AT the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, the work continues to get the movie “9/11: From Crime Scene to Courtroom” produced. See this last Sunday’s Weekender or the LC’s website for a bit more. Movies like the ones AE911Truth, the LC and others have to make — there are probably a dozen of them — would be unnecessary if our newspapers would do their jobs.

–   –   –

MEANWHILE, those two organizations are competing with thousands of others today, “Giving Tuesday,” for some bucks from thankful supporters. No time like the present to help.

— Mark Channing Miller


Weekender, 11-28-21

If you wish to discern either the presence or absence of integrity, you need ask only one question. What is missing? Has anything been left out?* — M. Scott Peck

–   –   –

Bruce** and I had breakfast together yesterday. It was a reminder that this blog had its start a few weeks before our walk across Massachusetts in April and May 2018 with “9/11 TRUTH” signs on our chests and backpacks, to encouragingly positive response by motorists, fellow pedestrians and others. There have been about 400 postings since then. The meal was at The Soda Chef, a retro luncheonette on Pittsfield’s North Street, the same place we ate at just before taking the first of three buses that got us to Hyannis, where a friend picked us up; she got us to our talk at the Provincetown library, then fed and put us up for the night, got us breakfasted and saw us off walking toward Truro.

–   –   –

Last night “The Insider” was playing at our house. It’s the 1999 docudrama starring Russell Crowe and Al Pacino about whistleblowing executive Jeffrey Wigard (Crowe) and TV producer Lowell Bergman (Pacino). The latter maneuvers within CBS to get Wigard’s documentation of Big Tobacco’s addiction-fostering ways on “60 Minutes.” A good movie, which is probably borrowable through inter-library loan.

It’s based on a 1996 article in Vanity Fair magazine article by Marie Brenner titled “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” Click HERE for it.

A paragraph from the DVD case: “As they soon find out, Corporate America will use all legal means at their disposal to save a billion-dollar-a-year habit. And as the corporate giants soon find out, Bergman and Wigard are honorable men, driven to smoke out the evidence.”

Substitute Big Pharma of the 2020’s for Big Tobacco of the 1990’s and add the growing clout of the Internet for a current drama playing out worldwide — but as yet without the analogous victory for reality and truth.

–   –   –

Speaking of movies, HERE’s a chance to be a co-producer of one being put out by the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. The film-in-the-making is titled “9/11: From Crime Scene to Courtroom.” It is self-described as “An Unprecedented Documentary Taking Hard evidence of 9/11 Crimes to Court.” The crime scene is the World Trade Center of Sept. 11, 2001. The courtrooms would be in New York City and Washington, D.C., where the Lawyers’ Committee has been trying to get impressive evidence of shocking federal crimes on dockets, in the face of yawning lack of interest by news media outlets. This blog has tried to do justice to the LC’s efforts in probably a dozen entries. (Among the things lacking in the 2020s so far in the effort to expose the murderous criminality and fraud is a piece like Marie Brenner’s in Vanity Fair mentioned above, and a publication like that one willing to publish it.)

–   –   –

What with the Northern Hemisphere continuing to get colder and darker, some humans can probably use something cheerier, like Eleanor Bearsdsley’s story on NPR’s “Morning Edition” the other day Josephine Baker making it into the Pantheon in Paris. (Although the same humans may want to consider THESE RESERVATIONS by Washington Post guest columnist Rokhaya Diallo, headlined “No congratulations to France on Baker honor” in the Springfield Republican.) Or pick their way through a Le Monde story about Baker in the original French, like this one

Quand Joséphine Baker la résistante évoquait « sa vie de caserne » dans la presse, en 1944

Or if you don’t want to read at all, try looking at these paintings, also from France. (Thanks to a 9/11 truther Facebook friend.)

— Mark Channing Miller

–   –   –

* From Meditations from the Road, a 1993 compilation of 366 quotes from The Road Less Traveled and The Different Drummer.

** Bruce Riblet Henry, for whom the walk was a perfect way to help get the word out.

A Boston Tea Party

HERE is something else to share on Thanksgiving Day 2021 and the long Thanksgiving weekend.

It’s from 2006.

It’s an example of why Boston is called the Cradle of Liberty and the Hub of the Universe.

Thanks to everyone at Boston 9/11 Truth.* Keep it up, y’all.

And thanks to everyone who is involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement (which is related in spirit to the other truth movements).

— Mark Channing Miller

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Notes, 11-23-21

It’s Thanksgiving Week 2021, which I hope is also Kennedy Week.  That’s because when family and friends get together for some kind of a feast this year, I hope that in addition to pausing and acknowledging how thankful they are for all sorts of things . . . they spend at least a few minutes getting into talking about (1) the murder, 57 years ago this past Monday, of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and how the official explanation was physically impossible and therefore whether it was in fact a coup d’etat with consequences today and in the foreseeable future until Americans do something about it, or (2) the latest book by Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. — about which more below — and how the government/media explanation for the current Covid-19 mess is not worthy of the credibility it has been granted. Please read on.

–   –   –

The Groaning Board: Many Americans have some familiarity with Norman Rockwell’s 1943 painting, HERE, of a family of white Americans gathered around a dining room table as an enormous cooked turkey is presented at one end by someone’s grandmother. One title is “The Christmas Bird,” but the image is appropriate for Thanksgiving Day. People who are groaningly bored with the conversation as it is going at the table or elsewhere might experiment by asking someone present, “What do you think about the Kennedy assassination back in 1963?” or “Has anyone heard about the new book by Bobby Kennedy Jr. about Dr. Fauci?” . . . and take it from there.

–   –   –

Book Availability: I was in a Barnes & Noble this morning, a week after the release of The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, and asked if they had it. Maybe for Christmas, a clerk said. He continued from behind his mask: “It’s a small, questionable . . . .” “Publisher?” I offered, from behind mine. He nodded. Yes, Skyhorse, I added, and said I was reading it, and that Amazon says it’s their top seller. “They can’t even get it,” he said. I said I was reading it and it’s really good. I may have more about it below or tomorrow. Meanwhile, see THIS or THIS or THIS.

–   –   –

Credibility: At lunch today (once we had sat down and taken off our masks), somehow the topic of the Covid came up. I asked my lunch mate what he thought of Anthony Fauci“Who’s that?” “America’s Doctor?” “Oh, him. Trump couldn’t stand him.” Then, my lunch mate called Dr. Fauci the most credible person on any subject. I noted I heard him interviewed on “Morning Edition” yesterday by cohost Steve Inskeep, who didn’t bring up the subject of Kennedy’s new book, (HERE’s the interview.) It was a good lunch, without further talk about any of that. We did agree about the state of the news media, and how tough a time newspapers are having getting ads, and I wondered whether a country is a democracy without news that informs people about what’s going on. I reminded him of his long-held opinion that “People don’t read.”

–   –   –

Thoughts on Stupidity: A Facebook friend just sent a diagram of “The Five Laws of Stupidity” with accompanying narration. Click HERE to find both. It’s a seemingly offensive topic, but the thing has much that’s true and helpful. It’s from a website called “The Voluntary Life” and is derived from a 1987 essay in The Whole Earth Catalog by Carlo M. Cipolla, HERE. It may be comforting to learn that practically everyone is stupid in one way or another.

— Mark Channing Miller

It’s Nov. 22

Some people will never forget that Nov. 22 is the anniversary of the assassination in 1963 of the 35th president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy — and I’m one. I am happy to link, HERE, to an excellent article from the current edition of Garrison: The Journal of Deep History and Politics. I found it this morning on the website of Edward Curtin’s blog, “Behind the Curtain.” There is no byline, but I assume that Curtin is its main, if not sole, author. It begins below. — MCM

–   –   –

President John F. Kennedy: His Life and Assassination

The following article on the life of President John F. Kennedy, and his assassination on this date, November 22, 1963, is the lead piece in the eighth issue of Garrison: The Journal of History and Deep Politics that has just been published: “The Political Assassinations of the 1960s.” From JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X, to Hammarskjold and Lumumba, the 1960s were a tragic period when the CIA took over the United States and profoundly changed the course of history, and Garrison is indispensable for understanding that history and its importance for today.  This issue is double-sized (348 pages), a book really.  If you like the following article, please support and purchase Garrison

Despite a treasure trove of new research and information having emerged over the last fifty-eight years, there are many people who still think who killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and why are unanswerable questions. They have drunk what Dr. Martin Schotz has called “the waters of uncertainty” that results “in a state of confusion in which anything can be believed but nothing can be known, nothing of significance that is.”[1]

Then there are others who cling to the Lee Harvey Oswald “lone-nut” explanation proffered by the Warren Commission.

Both these groups tend to agree, however, that whatever the truth, unknowable or allegedly known, it has no contemporary relevance but is old-hat, ancient history, stuff for conspiracy-obsessed people with nothing better to do. The general thinking is that the assassination occurred more than a half-century ago, so let’s move on.

Nothing could be further from the truth, for the assassination of JFK is the foundational event of modern American history, the Pandora’s box from which many decades of tragedy have sprung. READ MORE . . .


Weekender, 11-21-21

This was the week Skyhorse Publishing came out with Robert F. Kennedy’s new book, The Real Anthony Fauci; this coming week readers, viewers and listeners will see what the mainstream news media have to say about it, if anything. This was also the week that an AE911Truth affiliate, 9/11 Free Fall, responds to a rare mainstream news media segment defending the National Institute for Standards and Technology report on the collapse of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

–   –   –

Excepts from Chapter 1:Mismanaging a Pandemic” is the title of the first chapter of The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. In its first segment, titled “Arbitrary Decrees: Science-Free Medicine,” Kennedy relies heavily on Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch; Dr. Peter McCollough, an internist and cardiologist at the Baylor University Medical Center and the Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital; and Dr. Pierre Kory, a pulmonary and critical care specialist.

Kennedy calls Risch “one of the leading global authorities in clinical treatment protocols.” Of McCullough, he says, “His 600 peer-reviewed articles in the National Library of Medicine make him the most published physician in history in the field of kidney disease related to heart disease, a lethal sequela of Covid-19.” Kory is president of Frontline COVOD-19 Critical Care Alliance, a former associate professor and medical director of th Trauma and Life Support Center at the Univeristy of Wisconsin Medical School Hospital, and the Critical Care Service Chief at Aurora St. Luke’s Mmedical Center in Milwaukee.

Here are some quotes from the three in that segment:

The Best Practices for defeating an infectious disease epidemic dictate that you quarantine and treat the sick, protect the most vulnerable, and aggressively develop therapeutic drugs, and use early treatment protocols to avoid hospitalizations. . . . Unless you are an island nation prepared to shut out the world, you can’t stop a global viral pandemic, but you can make it less deadly. Our objective should have been to devise treatments that would reduce hospitalization and death. We could have easily defanged Covid-19 so that it was less lethal than seasonal flu. We could have done this very quickly. We could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.” — Dr. Harvey Misch

We could have dramatically reduced Covid fatalities and hospitalizations using early treatment protocols and repurposed drugs including ivermectin and hydroxychlorine and many, many others. . . . The strategy from the outset should have been implementing protocols to stop hospitalizations through early treatment of Americans who tested positive for Covid but were still asympomatic. If we had done that, we could have pushed fatality cases below those we see with seasonal flu, and ended the bottlenecks in our hospitals. We should have rapidly deployed off-the-shelf medications with proven safety records and subjected them to rigorous risk/benefit decision-making. . . Using repurposed drugs, we could have ended this pandemic by May 2020 and saved 500,000 American lives, but for Dr. Fauci’s hard-headed, tunnel vision on new vaccines and remdesivir.” — Dr. Peter McCullough

I find it appalling that there was no consultation process with treating physicians [regarding repurposed medicines for use in fighting Covid-19]. Medicine is about consultation. You had [Dr. Deborah] Brix, Fauci, and [former Centers for Disease Control Director Robert] Redfield doing press conferences every day and handing down these diktats and not one of them ever treated a Covid patient or worked in an emergency room of ICU. They know nothing.” — Dr. Pierre Kory

–   –   –

AE911Truth Board Members Critique NBCLX Broadcast: Usually mainstream media outlets deal with the WTC building collapses on Sept. 11,  2002, by ignoring assertions of controlled demolition. Around the time of the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, however, NBCLX broadcast a four-minute video defending the 2004 National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report that concluded that jet fuel-ignited office fires brought down the Twin Towers. HERE, 9/11 Free Fall host Andy Steele interviews structural engineer Kamal Obeid and architect Kent Rattan from the board of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in an hour-long show about the broadcast and the NIST conclusions.

–   –   –

AE911Truth Wants to Advertise Again in Times Square: Roland Engle, the new CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, is appealing to friends to send $17,000 to pay for a one-month billboard across the street from the New York Times. Engle notes that the Times has “led the way in pushing the official story and denigrating those who question it.” “It’s time,” he says, “to start calling out ‘the newspaper of record’ more directly for its role in covering up the truth about the murder of nearly 3,000 people.” Actually, it will be at least the second billboard AE911Truth will have used at Times Square, but this calls attention to the new documentary “The Unspeakable.” Read Engle’s message HERE.

— Mark Channing Miller


Notes, 11-18-21

Today’s entry is a followup to yesterday’s, which was mostly about the new book The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy is founder and board chair of Children’s Health Defense, from the website of which the story below is excerpted. Its headline is borrowed from the top story in today’s edition of The Defender. — MCM

–   –   –

CDC Forced to Admit It Doesn’t Collect Data on Natural Immunity to COVID

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.