Two Whistleblowers

Katharine Gun and Julian Assange

Please take a look.

— Trailer for the new British movie “Official Secrets,” based on The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War: Katharine Gun and the Secret Plot to Sanction the Iraq Invasion, by Marcia and Thomas Mitchell (2008). Keira Knightley plays Gun, the GCHQ intelligence officer who leaked a memo on efforts to compromise U.N. Security Council non-permanent members who would vote on a resolution to approve the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

— And from

Judge Denies Assange Extention on Extradition Hearing.” Coverage by Joe Lauria of the hearing in London Monday on the appeal by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for additional time to prepare his opposition from Britain to the United States.

EDITORIAL: Don’t Railroad Julian Assange to Virginia.” Commentary on the U.S. government request to have Assange extradited to Virginia to stand trial.

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Craig Murray on Julian Assange.” Edward Curtin begins: “I rarely post other people’s articles here, but this one should be read by every person with an ounce of conscience left. There is no doubt that the U.S. and U.K. governments, monsters of cruelty and injustice, are torturing and trying to kill Julian Assange for exposing their evil actions all around the world. Please read this and join in defense of a most courageous and suffering man of truth.”

Patsies and Framing

Someone asked this fall what a “patsy” is, having looked it up in a dictionary only to find a brief definition.

Here’s one meaning: “[perh. fr. It. pazzo fool] 1903 : a person who is easily victimized : PUSHOVER.”

Here’s another: “Slang. A person who is cheated, victimized, or made the butt of a joke. [Origin unknown.]”

Here’s another: A fall guy.

Is it a kind of citizen?

No, it has nothing to do with citizenship, or government. Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy. So were James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan.

Oswald, accused of assassinating President Kennedy in 1963, was murdered three days later after declaring his innocence on TV before millions of viewers while in Dallas in police custody. Ray was convicted of murdering Martin Luther King, Jr., in April 1968 and died in prison for it before being posthumously exonerated in a Memphis court in 2015. Sirhan, convicted of murdering Sen. Robert Kennedy June 1968, is in prison; he is currently being represented by William F. Pepper, Esq.,* who achieved Ray’s posthumous exoneration.

Oswald, Ray, and Sirhan were framed. What is “frame”?

Here’s a dual definition: “8. Slang. a. To rig evidence or events so as to incriminate (a person) falsely. b. To fix (a contest) to as to ensure a desired fraudulent outcome: frame a prize fight.”

Here is a three-part definition: “3 a : to devise falsely (as a criminal charge)  b : to contrive the evidence against (an innocent person) so that a verdict of guilty is assured  c : FIX [to influence actions, outcome, or effect of by improper or illegal methods <the race had been ~ed>]

It is highly likely that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were framed so as to ensure their guilt in the court of public opinion as sole perpetrators of the mass murder and mega-mayhem (which continues) of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, known as “9/11.”

Elaborate framing of designated high-profile patsies requires years, hundreds of participants in government agencies and businesses, and considerable unaccounted-for money (slush funds).

To achieve the intended, perceived sole guilt of these patsies, the control of news organizations is essential, as are key assets in book publishing and distribution, entertainment, academia, organized religion, organized labor, activist groups, and politics.

–   –   –

Pepper details his successful investigative and legal effort in The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (2016).


Many people — perhaps a majority in the United States by now — are fine with the conclusion that the government/mass media narratives about the mass murder and mega-theft of the attacks against this country on Sept. 11, 2001, are hokum of the worst kind, scientifically impossible, and degrading even to contemplate. Or at least we’re getting to a majority as a society.

I come across people quite often who agree about the impossibility of the narratives that were accepted for years but who have lots of other matters in their lives and so don’t peep up about the impossibility of the government/mass media line.

I have lots of other things I care about in the public realm myself. However, I reason that there are hundreds if not thousands of people already working away in each one of them on the side I’m on. I’m with them. But rather than be one-five-thousandth or one-ten-thousandth or one-five-hundred-thousandth of a social whole in these various endeavors in the United States (to the NGOs of which I contribute in various relatively small ways), I choose to keep trying to draw attention to the importance of WHAT THE HELL ACTUALLY HAPPENED — what demonic forces worked carefully behind the scenes to make it happen — on Sept. 11, 2001, and WHAT COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED, contrary to what key individuals and agencies of the executive branch of the U.S. government said happened.

Another day I may provide an annotated list of the things I care about besides getting to “9/11” TRUTH and JUSTICE and, at some point, RECONCILIATION.

For now, HERE is a recent rant by the self-styled “rogue journalist” Caitlin Johnstone. It is titled “On Psychopathy and Power.”

Is it related to those the whos and whats and wheres and whys and whens and hows of those attacks?

Is it related to how the forces at play can keep significant, unapologetic, public discussion of these matters bottled up?

Is “It is what it is” the de facto motto of this country?

Please read the rant and think about it.





Contrary to Expectation

Ralph Nader, HERE, enumerates 19 dangerous paradoxes of life these days that have undermined citizens acting like citizens in this country.

At least two partially explain why truths about the “9/11” attacks against the United States remain largely blanketed in the dust of government/news media obfuscation 18 years after the attacks:

#3. Never have people been able to use their right to free speech so unencumbered, yet a torrent of lies are now spread so freely and are often unchallenged.

#13. Never has there been more to read, yet there are so few readers reading. Historically, we have gone from illiteracy to literacy to aliteracy.

Headlined “Shame of a Nation” and “The 1% Rules and the 99% Let Them,” the list appeared Monday courtesy of the free Once Daily Digest Email service of

‘It Is What It Is’

Should “It is what it is” be the new American motto?

During our walks on Sept. 10 and 11 around downtown Pittsfield MA with “9/11 TRUTH” signs fore and aft, we shared a congenial minute or two with a young man in a black T-shirt bearing these words in white across his chest.

This morning I looked it up.

“When someone says this,” one source says, “it’s often an expression of resigned acceptance of a situation. It’s usually used to answer a question that cannot be adequately answered. … For example, when someone asks why something bad happened, the person to blame may already have apologized. When there’s nothing left to say or no way to answer questions about what happened, ‘It is what it is’ puts an end to the conversation, usually with a shrug. It’s another way of saying, ‘I don’t like it either, but there’s nothing we can do about it.'”

From another source: “Often used in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as ‘fuck it.'” The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.”

Pertaining to the patently phony government narratives about how, why and by whom thousands were murdered on Sept. 11, 2001, untold billions of dollars stolen from the Treasury, millions killed abroad and and their cities destroyed, trillions spent on it all in the name of “democracy,” well …

It is what it is.

Good going, America.

This Just In . . .


I wish to recommend a 9/11 book, The Trigger, by David Icke (pronounced “Ike”), Ickonic Publishing 2019 September, ISBN 978-1-9160258-0-6. Fat softcover (800 pp of text), very detailed with ring of truth. Best of all, because he is apparently his own publisher, can be ordered through local bookstore. I am on page 196. Mark has already seen it.

Bruce H.

–   –   –

HERE is an interview with the author, a longtime investigative journalist.


— Mark

Two Short Videos

The news media are wary in the extreme about the long-planned – and ongoing – mass murder and mega-theft of Sept. 11, 2001. Any serious or honest treatment of it to determine exactly what happened, how, why, and by whom, is verboten, forbidden by their owners and managers.

Today’s entry is drawn from the Internet. Please find two short videos below on “9/11.” Each is six or seven minutes long.

The first, HERE, contains excerpts of a gathering at the Unitarian Church of Souls in New York City last Sept. 7.

In the second, HERE, Ralph Nader responds in February 2017 to the question “Why have you been quiet about 9/11?”


An Upbeat Update

Here’s some good news about getting the word out. It revolves around a visit to Capitol Hill two weeks ago by firefighter Christopher Gioia of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department just outside New York City.

Ably packaged by Craig McKee of, the summary begins:

It was the most productive congressional outreach ever undertaken by the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

The citizen lobbying effort – three days in the halls of Congress after untold weeks of preparation – appears to have paid off.


Pittsfielders Speak

Perambulations SE 10 – 11

     Mark and I circulated along downtown Pittsfield streets wearing the “9/11 TRUTH” signs front and back (as on 2018 trans-Massachusetts walk), 2019 September 10 and 11. It was especially satisfying the second day ~ SE 11, displaying 9/11 TRUTH signs on the anniversary of the original events.

It was easier to encounter people and engage them in conversation compared to 2018, as this time everybody was on foot (or wheelchair) … although plenty of drivers honked, waved, gave thumbs up, or exclaimed out of open windows.

As it was last year, the impression was of overwhelming support of 9/11 truth. We did not approach people “cold”; only individuals or small groups who showed obvious interest in talking. To those persons we generally passed some 9/11 truth literature.

Conversations revealed an impressive volume of thought about 9/11 ~ real, concentrated, individual efforts to put together the many scraps of evidence (of “inside job” and more) into a coherent, rough but consistent whole of the 911 story, including nuggets of truth new to us.

Two “discussants” were from the other side, i.e. supporting the official government narrative of 9/11. Their responses were dismissive: “I don’t want to hear that nonsense,” or personally attacking: “Now you sound like Trump.” That too is typical of the opposition: dismiss or personally attack, and sidestep substantive debate. They reiterate officially approved arguments, in the process making evident their vacuity.

~ Bruce

– – –

Sidewalk Perspectives

     Bruce and I encountered largely friendly – and relieved – reaction as we walked up and down the sidewalks of North, South, and nearby streets of downtown Pittsfield with our four “9/11 TRUTH” signs. (Thanks to Massive Graphics for quickly supplying a substitute for one of the four they made for our April and May 2018 walk from Provincetown to the New York State line that had been misplaced.)

My personal favorite of all the assessments of the U.S. government executive branch’s phony conspiracy narrative for the atrocities of 18 years ago, and counting, was this on Tuesday from a woman in a motorized wheelchair with a friendly small dog on her lap:

“It’s a whole fat-ass lie!”

This citizen had done her homework.

— Mark