In Anticipation . . .

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing! – Matthew 23:37

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“There is an old story about a henhouse that burns to the ground,” two clergywomen begin (they collaborate) in an Advent commentary.

“In the ashes,” Stephanie Spellers and Julie Hoplamazian continue, “the farmer discovers the charred body of a mother hen. When he lifts her remains, he is surprised to discover the chicks still underneath her, warm but unscathed. This is what a mother hen does. She calls her young to draw near and shelters them with herself, defenseless in the face of predators or natural disaster. A mother hen will die for love of her chicks.

“Jesus,” they conclude, “is like that mother hen: selfless, defenseless, giving everything. He calls out in his longing to gather us, like the hen who clucks and gathers her brood under her wings. He is willing to—and does—pay the highest price for love of us. Thanks be to God.”

For me, that mother hen is like the investigators and researchers and their supporters who dedicate themselves to bringing out the truth of the 9/11 attacks. They don’t cluck but rather lay out lots and lots and lots of evidence for all to read about, online.

These tenacious patriots started with examining the Executive Branch’s impossible cover stories under so far three administrations.

The chicks are civil liberties, severely eroded since even before Sept. 11, 2001. They are far from unscathed, and many of them may recover with the help of active citizens. But it will take continued persistence on the part of 9/11 truthers (a lot of us also truthers when it comes to the murders of JFK, MLKJr., RFK and Malcolm X).

Meanwhile the 9/11 atrocities, which generate new atrocities every day in the United States and abroad, will go on.

— Mark Channing Miller

As Far As I Got

Bruce said yesterday he will review The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World — Who Really Did It and Why, by David Icke, for this blog, so I “lent” him back his copy of the 900-page book to use for reference. Last night I felt deprived in not being able to continue reading it. For now, here is a rough facsimile of page 69, which is as far as I got the night before.


Play it again, scam

The best kept secrets are those in plain site. — George Bannister

Problem-Reaction-Solution (P-R-S) events abound throughout history that mirror in their themes and often detail what happened in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania on September 11th. They have been orchestrated by the same network — even the same people in recent times — that played their central or peripheral parts in 9/11.

The P-R-S technique is so simple yet so devastating in the way it seizes and hijacks public perception and opens the collective mind to accept ‘solutions’ to ‘problems’ that have been covertly created by the very same people and networks promoting the said ‘solutions’. Such connections, however, are hidden by the essential cover-story concocted beforehand to pin the blame on others for the ‘problem’ — a cover-story sold to the public by a compliant and pitiful mainstream media that simply parrots without question what the authorities tell them about what happened and who was responsible. If we had a mature, grown-up media these mega-scams would not be possible because the cover-up story would be taken apart very quickly; but we don’t. We have overwhelmingly clueless people called ‘journalists’ who know nothing about how the world really works being string-pulled by the few that own and control media corporations and set the limits on what can be investigated or reported. Employment is swiftly concluded for those who cross the line. The Hidden Hand secret society network crucially extends into the media to install the owners, executives and keyboard fodder that dictate what you see — and don’t. This is absolutely vital because you can’t control perception if you don’t control information. Ironically, the same clueless, gutless media then ridicule and dismiss as ‘conspiracy theorists’ those who do have the intelligence and backbone to question the cover-stories and show them to be riddled with blatant lies and contradictions. This essential cluelessness — essential for the cover-ups and survival of their careers — extends even to the terms ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ which are used as labels of derision to discredit those that question unsupportable and . . .

–   –   –

And that’s the end of page 69.



“FOR everyone who never gave up on me.

“For every American and every citizen of Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, The Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, India, Portugal [sic], Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil — and every other country — who stood up after 9/11 and said ‘We do not accept this!’ — and who stayed the course.

“For every generation following mine from whom my generation and the ones before it have stolen so cruelly. For all life on this planet.

“For every American government official, especially those from the State Department, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense who has resigned as a matter of conscience and principle since 9/11.

“For every street cop, brick agent, and Air Force officer or enlisted person who did their damndest to prevent 9/11 and who fought for what was right — especially the ones who paid a price for it.

“For every non-American press organization that pushed a well-understood envelope to its limits and beyond.

“For Cynthia McCinney, Barbara Lee, Ron Paul, and Paul Wellstone. You are not Democrats or Republicans. You are Americans.

“For Ellen and Louis Neil Mariani.

“For John O’Neill.

“For every person who has died in the violence unleashed by 9/11, and for the ones who have yet to join them.

“For a 27-year-old honest LAPD cop who thought he was acting like any other cop would act, only to have his life taken away, and who was stupid enough to think that he had an obligation — as a matter of honor — to speak of what he had seen; long before he found out that it was a little bigger than he thought at first. The first bite was the hardest. You are free now. Get on with your life.

“And for my ex-wife Mary who on September 11, 2001, sat for so many painful hours in her Battery Park apartment trapped in front of a living TV screen she could not turn off sending out e-mails from Hell reading, ‘My God, they’re jumping …. I can see them when they hit …. Another plane just hit …. The buildings are coming down.

“‘I don’t know where to go.’

“May God grant all of you peace, a smile, and a good night’s sleep.”

–   –   –

The above is from page v of Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, by Michael C. Rupert (New Society Publishers, 2004). It is his dedication before the beginning of the 675-page book, one of the earliest and best to come out about the atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001. Rupert died in 2014 at the age of 62.

Thankful For You

We ought to be grateful not for our eyes but for the ability to see. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right and a desire to know; but besides this, they have the right, an indisputable, unalienable, divine right to know that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the character and conduct of their rulers. — John Adams

On prisoners of darkness the sun begins to rise … — part of a song based on Luke 1:68-79

–   –   –

On the last day of the long Thanksgiving Day weekend in the United States, it is fitting to show my deep gratitude for those I can think of who have made the most difference in opening what public awareness there is so far of the carefully crafted and nurtured lies about the “terrorist” attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Here’s an alphabetical list: Christopher Bollyn, Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, Mick Harrison, Barbara Honegger, Andrew Kreig, Bob and Helen McIlvane, David Meiswinkle, Mark Crispin Miller, James Perloff, Michael C. Rupert, Barrie Zwicker.

I’ll add a name or three as I recall others.

One that may be added soon is that of the British investigative reporter David Icke (pronounced Ike). Last night I started reading his new book, The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World — Who Really Did It and Why, hours after a friend* lent me his copy. I’m on page 26 of nearly 900. The John Adams quote above starts off Chapter 2, titled “Rule by Psychopaths.”

I’m thankful for readers of this blog who learn from it and try to spread the word in a world seemingly controlled through mainstream and not-so-mainstream media whose mission includes screening out relevant information, to the point at which even the most conscientious of citizens are left in the dark on matters of utmost importance. These news organizations, the only ones left at this point, are called “gatekeepers” for their role in selecting out information or presenting it sparingly and in such a way that little sense can be made of it.

— Mark Channing Miller

–   –   –

* Bruce Henry, with whom I walked two springs ago across Massachusetts from Provincetown to the New York State line at Hancock bearing signs fore and aft reading “9/11 TRUTH” to encouragingly positive reception.

Free Julian Assange

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 16, is Free Julian Assange Day worldwide.

To watch 15 minutes of a protest held last April outside Britain’s embassy in Washington, please click HERE .

There is little or nothing in the news media or online about tomorrow’s events so this video will have to do.

An Appeal for Money

Those who lived in the land of deep darkness, on them light has shined. — Isaiah 9:2

The message below from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry came in, as is, last night:

Dear [Reader],

The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry is working hard to reopen 9/11 investigations. In addition to a NYC Grand Jury, we would like to have Grand Juries concerning the alleged crash of United Flight 93 near Shanksville, the alleged crash of American Flight 77 into the Pentagon, and a Grand Jury convened concerning the Obstruction and Failure of Government to prevent the 9/11 crimes.

On September 6, 2019 the Lawyers’ Committee sued the United States Attorney William Barr and Geoffrey Berman, United States Attorney, Southern District in Manhattan in New York City to have them comply with the Federal statute which requires United States Attorney Berman to present to a Federal Grand Jury evidence of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center Towers given to him by the Lawyers’ Committee. Berman had previously informed the Lawyers’ Committee that he would comply with the law regarding presentation of evidence to a Grand Jury.

On March 25, 2019 the Lawyers’ Committee sued the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C. on a Mandamus action containing seven counts for not assessing and reporting to Congress as mandated by Congress, evidence not previously considered by the original 9/11 Commission. In addition, the Lawyers’ Committee is involved with litigating three Federal Freedom of Information actions and an Open Public Records action in New Jersey.

To properly investigate crimes almost 20 years old, the Lawyers’ Committee needs to hire and work with professional investigators and to conduct needed outreach. These are important investigations which cost a considerable amount of money that need to be done, and which our government failed to do. The evidence of 9/11 crimes not considered by the government’s “official” story must be gathered and presented to a Grand Jury in order for Truth and Justice to prevail.

If not now, then when?

Your support is most needed and appreciated.

The Lawyers’ Committee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Contributions are tax deductible.

David R. Meiswinkle, President/Executive Director

Mick Harrison, Director of Litigation

‘Loose Change’

Many who bother to look at this blog have probably already seen the 9/11 documentary “Loose Change,” at least once. For some reason I saw it for the first time tonight.

If you haven’t ever watched it, please set aside an hour and ten minutes, make yourself comfortable, click HERE, and watch the second edition of it.

— Mark

Truth, Media & Politics

Dorothy Day would be 122 today. She was born on Nov. 8 in 1897, in Brooklyn. (She died on Nov. 29, 1980, in Manhattan.)

Here’s a quote of hers:


But, shouldn’t one try both to be faithful to the truth and to be effective? The best answer may rest with the key word “worry.” Try to be faithful to the truth and be effective. Try not to let lies dominate your country’s foreign policy — or other policies of your government. And don’t worry.

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard opted for truth concerning the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001: what happened, who made it happen, how, why? The vehicle for this would be U.S. House Resolution 662, introduced by her on Oct. 29. (Please see mention of this in the blog entry just below this one.)

News of her decision was made known on the Internet and — surprisingly — also in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and the Connecticut Post (out of Bridgeport), all of which used an Associated Press report. This represents something of a change for mainstream media outlets, for which 9/11 truth has fallen into a category of information best left unrelayed, or verboten to relay.*

Her proposing House Resolution 662 may just be an example of truth and effectiveness rolled into one political act. How will her House colleagues react? How many cosponsors signed onto a similar House resolution in 2017? How many votes will the 2019 version get? Will that vote get any coverage in the news media? Hint: was there any news coverage, at all, of U.S. Senate Resolution 610, in 2017?

If she were alive and in her prime, how would Dorothy Day view all this? How would she act?

Happy Birthday, Dorothy!

Aloha, Tulsi!

–   –   –

* A previous version of this blog entry erroneously said the New York Times, the Washington Post and AP neglected to report on Ms. Gabbard’s introducing U.S. House Resolution 662, promising to correct it if it was wrong. In fact, the AP did report on it and the Times and the Post were among the news organizations that used the AP report by Karen Matthews. The previous version also got the date of her House action wrong.

Gabbard Seeks Declassification of All 9/11 Documents

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard this week called on the federal government to declassify and release all information regarding the Sept. 11th, 2001, attacks.

All Americans deserve to know the truth about what happened and who was involved,” the Hawaiian U.S. representative said, becoming the first presidential candidate to demand release of the documents.

House Resolution 662 echoes Senate Resolution 610, adopted without objection in October 2018, calling for declassification of all 9/11 documents.

It is allied with petitions filed with the U.S. Attorney for the District of Southern New York in April and July 2018 demanding that a Special Grand Jury be empaneled to examine evidence of federal crimes associated with the destruction of three World Trade Center skyscrapers.

It is also allied with a lawsuit filed last summer in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., against the FBI in connection with a required external review of the agency’s investigation of 9/11 crimes.

For background on these, click HERE.

Scare in Another Era

The biggest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution that has to start with each one of us. — Dorothy Day (1897-1980)

–   –   –

Today’s mail brought the October-November issue of The Catholic Worker, an eight-page newspaper not available online. One of two page-1 articles, headlined “The CW’s Radical Associates,” is by Jim Reagan. It begins with this paragraph:

“The President of the United States claims to be the subject of a witch hunt and our Senate majority leader complains of being a victim of McCarthyism. At the same time they denounce members of Congress as socialists and communists. There is a twisted irony here for the most widely known witch hunt in US history (save perhaps the actual Salem witch trials of 1692-93) was the second Red Scare following World War II when socialists and communists were targeted. McCarthyism was only one part of the Red Scare but the term is often applied to the entire era. A brief look back at McCarthyism, the Red Scare it was a part of, and the response of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker offers an informative and cautionary story.”