Art Exhibition

For reviews of  “Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy,” an exhibition at The Met Breuer* in Manhattan, click here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

They are from The New York Times, The Nation magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Surface, 4Coumns, Conspiracy Inquirer, Contemporary Burlington, and BJP (The British Journal of Photography), respectively. All have bylines except the review for Conspiracy Inquirer, which is apparently by an Al Jazeera writer.

Seemingly most hostile, at least on the surface, are those by Jason Farago in the Times and Zachary Small for The Nation (which ran his review only online). I say “seemingly” on the chance that one or both are parodies of reviews acceptable for the Times and the Nation.

The exhibition opened on September 16. It closes on January 6.

— Mark

* A museum of modern and contemporary art at 945 Madison Ave., the former site of the Whitney Museum of American Art

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