As Far As I Got

Bruce said yesterday he will review The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World — Who Really Did It and Why, by David Icke, for this blog, so I “lent” him back his copy of the 900-page book to use for reference. Last night I felt deprived in not being able to continue reading it. For now, here is a rough facsimile of page 69, which is as far as I got the night before.


Play it again, scam

The best kept secrets are those in plain site. — George Bannister

Problem-Reaction-Solution (P-R-S) events abound throughout history that mirror in their themes and often detail what happened in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania on September 11th. They have been orchestrated by the same network — even the same people in recent times — that played their central or peripheral parts in 9/11.

The P-R-S technique is so simple yet so devastating in the way it seizes and hijacks public perception and opens the collective mind to accept ‘solutions’ to ‘problems’ that have been covertly created by the very same people and networks promoting the said ‘solutions’. Such connections, however, are hidden by the essential cover-story concocted beforehand to pin the blame on others for the ‘problem’ — a cover-story sold to the public by a compliant and pitiful mainstream media that simply parrots without question what the authorities tell them about what happened and who was responsible. If we had a mature, grown-up media these mega-scams would not be possible because the cover-up story would be taken apart very quickly; but we don’t. We have overwhelmingly clueless people called ‘journalists’ who know nothing about how the world really works being string-pulled by the few that own and control media corporations and set the limits on what can be investigated or reported. Employment is swiftly concluded for those who cross the line. The Hidden Hand secret society network crucially extends into the media to install the owners, executives and keyboard fodder that dictate what you see — and don’t. This is absolutely vital because you can’t control perception if you don’t control information. Ironically, the same clueless, gutless media then ridicule and dismiss as ‘conspiracy theorists’ those who do have the intelligence and backbone to question the cover-stories and show them to be riddled with blatant lies and contradictions. This essential cluelessness — essential for the cover-ups and survival of their careers — extends even to the terms ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ which are used as labels of derision to discredit those that question unsupportable and . . .

–   –   –

And that’s the end of page 69.


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