Don’t Ignore Honegger

Much of Barbara Honegger’s talk in Zurich, entitled “Parallels Between the World Trade Center and Pentagon Evidence and Why It Really Matters” (see entry below this one), will be transcribed in this blog.

For now, a few quotes:

* “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has been so successful because of its laser focus on pre-placed explosives, and — very important — because they ignore the planes at the World Trade Center towers. They don’t talk about the planes. They don’t need to talk about the planes. Because they’re just a cover story. We now understand that.”

* “The main message of my presentation is that to be successful our movement finally turn its full attention to the Pentagon, which it is about to do. I believe it’s critical for our success that the movement does exactly the same thing at the Pentagon. We must ignore the planes.”

* “The plane doesn’t matter – as you will see in this presentation – any more than it does at World Trade Center 1 or 2. Because as we will demonstrate here, pre-placed explosives are the key to both what really happened at the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 as well as at the Pentagon. Not only the key to what happened, but the key to who did it.”

–   –   –

It is hoped that readers’ interest will be whetted by carefully viewing, at least once, the video in the previous entry. As time permits, more of her talk will be transcribed and added to this page.

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