Glitches, Etc.

Dear Reader(s),

Thank you for your patience. You may have looked in in the last few days only to find the May 6 and previous entries, but nothing newer.

Reason: In addition to the usual, plentiful interruptions, technical glitches I haven’t previously encountered have presented themselves requiring expert help elsewhere in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where this blog is mostly written. But at least until I can figure it out myself or get some more expert help elsewhere in the same city, I still lack the ease of typing I formerly enjoyed owing to impediments of a technical nature. This afternoon I have had to learn a new way to type to accommodate the machine or its program. I don’t want to “get with the program” (in more ways than one).

Ah, technology! I wouldn’t mind finding an old Underwood or Smith-Corona — or whatever Clive Owen, playing E.H., was banging away on while standing up in a hotel room in Spain in  “Hemingway and Gellhorn.”

For now, thanks again for your patience,



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