‘Guess Who I Saw?’

In 2007 I wrote a short “citing” to go with a photo on the website Patriots Question 9/11* with thumbnail bios of and statements by 9/11 “truthers” segmented by occupation. It was a summary explanation of why features of the destruction of WTC2 (the South Tower of the World Trade Center), which are observable in videos of the event, show that the collapse of the skyscraper had to have been done in part with the use of powerful pre-planted explosives.

The 2007 citings have been included in part of a newer, more general website wanttoknow.info. That part, HERE, ¬†shows the identities of and statements by more than a hundred emeritus professors mostly in nontechnical fields (theology, law, psychology etc.). There is some overlap between “Want to Know” and “Patriots Question.”

Over the weekend a friend emailed me a link to the 100-plus-professors page with the remark “Guess who I saw about 20 pics down!” I had completely forgotten about the whole thing.

— Bruce

* The website’s complete name is Military, Intelligence, and Government Patriots Question 9/11.

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