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Nine-eleven truthers are a raggedy bunch. They — we — do not conform to all the conventions prescribed by news media commentators. Some think of themselves as on the “left” or “right” politically, but many or most do not. News media commentators (although less so this past year) were content to call them — us — “conspiracy theorists.” But that was getting lame, and it wasn’t working. It wasn’t working because the phony Executive Branch story about the attacks of September 2001 designed to terrorize Americans is itself a story of conspiracy. As this September approached, two or three dozen “9/11 Truth Advocates” got in front of cameras to say why they do what they do. Listen and watch as they speak, HERE. Some of their statements are excerpted below. — MCM


After all these years 9/11 still matters, more than ever. … We’re in it for the long haul — it doesn’t stop at twenty. — Sandra Jelmi, Montreal, Canada


Nine-eleven changed everything. Pitched the world into endless wars. Once the masses understand the massive lie, they will no longer allow unjust wars and unlawful infringements of our rights. Question. Look at the evidence. It affects us all, and all future generations. — Susan Sherpa, Worcester, MA


Nine-eleven still matters … because truth matters. And the truth about the crime of the century sure as hell matters. Don’t give up. Be courageous. Ask questions. Peace. — Michael Grillo, Eugene, OR


Twenty years. Here we still are. But we’re never going to forget. We’re never going to give up. We’re never going to go away. — Gene Laratonda, Pittsburgh, PA


I feel strongly that 9/11 is still relevant today because thousands and thousands of people continue to die from 9/11-related illness and we still don’t have a full and complete explanation for exactly how the Twin Towers and Building 7 came down, from the U.S. government. — Julia Picicci, West Pasco, WA


Learning about and sharing 9/11 truth is important. Because we need to expose false-flag operations and deception that have been used for wars of aggression and tyranny at home. We need justice for the crimes of 9/11 and a return to the rule of law. — Michael Atkinson, Edgewater, CO


My bottom line is the lies. The official story is unacceptable. It’s total fabrication. And the truth, all the truth of the events that occurred on that day, needs to be revealed. — Lawrence Fine, Hudson, MA


Why? Because there’s a palpable call to follow my conscience, that thing that leads to truth, justice. And as with other historical calls to justice — the Abolitionist movement, for example — they didn’t give up after 20 years. — Deb Lee, New York, NY


It’s important to be outspoken about the continuing need for legal action, for new investigations, to go up against the right-wing, capitalist, corporate-media coverup, and to stand for lefty democratic action against the falsities of our “war on terror.” — Sander Hicks, Brooklyn, NY


I was on the 39th floor at the World Trade Center on 9/11 when the first plane hit the building. No joke. Conspiracy theorists — people think they’re a little crazy. … Two quick side notes: One, I heard a woman specifically yell, quote, “There’s been an explosion in the mechanical room on the 42nd floor.” Number 2: The people I talk to have no idea and have never heard of Building 7. Why is that? How the hell did Building 7 come down? Why did it come down, it looks like a controlled demolition. And nobody knows about it? So, I highly encourage [people] to get to know, to spend the time. … We’re starting to uncover all the bullshit with Fauci and the things that are going on here. Let’s uncover the truth about 9/11. It’s about time. Semper Fi. — Bob Jenkins, Carefree, AR


Nine-eleven truth still matters because the perpetual war machine that carried out that attack is still in power today. — Bill Floyd, Chester, SC


There’s no statute of limitations on mass murder. None of the perpetrators have been brought to justice and accountability. The $4.4 trillion from the American taxpayer for unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 1.2 million dead, intelligence services engaging in massive-scale collection of individual private conversations in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. Indefinite detention and assassination of Americans are now permitted without [charge] or trial. This is an ongoing problem that has to be resolved before we will ever have justice in this country. — Alfred Magaletta, Concord, MA


We will be spreading the truth about what happened on 9/11 and our government’s refusal to examine the evidence. We will be spreading the truth because the mass media will be spreading lies. — Mike Sullivan, Chicago, IL


Let’s not forget to remind people of the eternal nature of 9/11 truth, which is that eventually it will be known for its iconic wars and the truthers like us who relentlessly pursued the truth. Let’s not forget to remind them of the desecration of that day — which is the official story: Nineteen Muslim hijackers with box cutters and two planes took down three of the world’s strongest buildings. — Ross Muir, New York, NY


I have to confess I smoked the official story of 9/11 for a full 10 years. But thanks to people who cared, who showed me through YouTube videos, footage and interviews never showed on mainstream TV, I was able to experience an awakening. — Max Galic, Niles, IL


After 20 years of work based on the events of 9/11 we owe it to the first responders on the scene there and the men and women of the Armed Forces that have been fighting these wars for the past 20 years, to learn the truth. — Kenneth Henry, Seattle, WA


If you look at the videos that everybody has seen you can tell that the buildings did not collapse on their own — they were demolished through sequential explosions. It’s very easy to see if you just look for it. — Bob May, Denver, CO


Twenty years of deception and coverup signifies to me just how completely dominant and powerful the ruling class is. A lot of people tell me there’s more important things to focus on besides 9/11 — the environment, racial and social injustices, the banking system, etc. But I contend those issues can’t be resolved without humanity moving toward love and compassion for oneself and others — and from all appearances the ruling class has no compassion or love for their fellow human beings. — Don Plummer, Grand Junction, CO


People lie, but the facts don’t. For professional firefighters’ in-depth analysis, watch our film, available for free at — Paul Simon, Leeds, UK


Nine-eleven actually changed our whole world. . . . Obviously, we do not live in an honest world. The 9/11 Commission, the NIST investigation were all dishonest. They were fraudulent. And I want to congratulate all of us in the 9/11 truth movement, especially the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, to help make this an honest world and help get to the truth about 9/11. — Fran Shur, Denver, CO


The families of the victims never got their questions answered. Nine-eleven wasn’t an event in the past. It was a turning point. And it’s been used — it’s used even today — as a rationale for one atrocity after another. So it’s something that doesn’t go away. It hasn’t gone away. And it’s important to understand what 9/11 was all about to understand what’s going on in the world today. — David Chandler, Denver, CO


I believe that life, truth, love, and courage are four of the highest human qualities, and 9/11 truth is addressed by all four of those. We simply have to keep going with this. There’s no statute of limitation on murders, and there are so many people who are dependent on us to speak truth to power and to fight the good fight on their behalf. — Dorothy Lori, Paonia, CO


I am a psychologist, and I believe that the two greatest barriers we have to break through with 9/11 are corporate media and also people’s beliefs. Those are very huge barriers, and they still exist today. We still need to work through those. I also feel that my understanding of those barriers through the 9/11 truth movement . . . has really informed everything that I’ve done in the last year and a half in understanding our current situation. I see how this all ties together and how important it is to continue to work to find and expose what has happened in our world. — Marty Hopper, Boulder, CO

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