Information Please!

The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has launched an “FOI Fireworks Campaign” to help the lawyers get crucial information they need from the government. Scroll down on their website and you’ll find these two paragraphs:

“The Freedom of Information Act is a federal statute which allows citizens to access government records. The Lawyers’ Committee . . . has begun an ambitious campaign to retrieve crucial evidence from the government which can be used in drafting Grand Jury Petitions and lawsuits, connecting the dots with evidence, linking the three 9/11 crimes scenes.

“The Lawyers’ Committee has filed separate FOIA lawsuits and State actions and has numerous FOIA [Freedom of information Act] requests outstanding for important information waiting to be responded to by the government, and litigated, in most cases because of government refusal to honor the request and abide by the Federal FOIA statute.”

Just below it in a letter, Lawyers’ Committee president David Meiswinkle updates readers on the LC’s progress and plans and explains what motivates him and his colleagues.

They need information and they need money. There’s (always) a Donate button nearby. You may experience a patriotic urge this week to make use of it.

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