Is a Sunny Day

It’s another sunny day in the Berkshires. Are any of the items in this entry related to 9/11 TRUTH? Yes. All of them.

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Holy Madness, Batman! — Richard Rohr is on a roll (he usually is), His meditation for today, titled “Love is Our Deepest Identity,” is HERE. 

The mass murder of Sept. 11, 2001 (one really sunny day on the East Coast), was always about getting a string of wars going by instilling fear in the U.S. populace. Particularly pertinent in this regard is this part of Rohr’s message:

When we live out of this truth of love, instead of the lie and human emotion of fear, we will at last begin to live. Love is always letting go of a fear. In the world of modern psychologizing, we have become very proficient at justifying our fears and avoiding simple love. The world will always teach us fear. Jesus will always command us to love. And when we seek the spiritual good of another, we at last forget our fears and ourselves.


For Fairness in Georgia — Independent investigative reporter Greg Palast has championed electoral fairness in a number of places. (He’s got this thing about the misuse of power.) Right now for reasons he states HERE, it’s the state of Georgia. Peachy! Truth is contagious. I’m thinking he hopes to motivate non-Georgians to help Stacy Abrams’ cause there. (It’s about fairness.)

Palast has been on the case of former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach for awhile. See THIS VIDEO (and assorted links) for his take on how Kobach has been spreading what sure seems to be unfairness across the land when it comes to voting. WARNING: It does not reflect well on the Republican Party.


Count All the Votes — Vice President Mike Pence says all the votes need to be counted carefully, especially in suspicious voting districts where the number of Republican ballots have been deemed insufficient. Fair enough. Trump apologist James Howard Kunstler (he used to be a peak oiler and may still be *) seconds the vice president’s motion HERE in a post called “Fore !” (He questions the nation’s news media and the “intelligence community” for good reason. Imagine.)


Conspiracy Theorist Confesses to Shoplifting — He apologizes for it HERE. (He puts his own crimes in context.) WARNING: This man has been down the rabbit hole so many times he has lost his ability to believe everything he reads in the New York Times.

— Mark Channing Miller


* I still am.

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