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Yesterday’s entry on Juneteenth was limited to the views of two people whose words online only went so far. One of them concentrated on inner change, largely slighting what can be done when humans acting together can effect broad, positive structural change. The other focused on massive violence and cruel acts carried out by celebrated historical figures and on the blindness and hypocrisies about it.

On the other hand, yesterday’s and today’s issues of the the Berkshire Eagle, contain articles about the future. For instance:

Berkshire youths’ march will focus on racial equality” is the Friday page 1 headline over an article in which one of the organizers talks about suppressing his own feelings about racist incidents he experienced as a high schooler. “Change is occurring right now,” he said. “People are seeing that things have to change. Racist police brutality is only one item on the agenda. The march, organized by three males ages 26, 20, and 16, takes place this Sunday (which is also Fathers Day). It’s roughly a mile and a half long and includes a roster of speakers at the end.

*Move afoot in Mass. to make Juneteenth a state holiday,” reads the headline over a detailed story by a local reporter.

* “Amid protests for racial justice, Juneteenth gets new renown” is the headline over THIS national Associated Press story in today’s Eagle.

* Less obvious as a story concerning racial decisions ahead for Pittsfield public schools is the top page 1 article today, headed “A split in learning eyed in the fall.” The schools superintendent said a likely scenario with caronavirus in mind is that some students are in schools and others stay at home and learn remotely through computers and the Internet. How students who are already disadvantaged would be affected was not part of the article.

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