News Buried Alive!

Happy Halloween! It has been a busy week or so for news, but some of it has not been reported or has been undercovered, or has been buried or has appeared outside of the news columns or their digital editions or on news shows.

For example, Thursday’s New York Times had four full-page ads for “The 5G America’s been waiting for.” (Verizon’s.) Friday’s Times had two more. It’s not unreasonable to assume a connection between these and the newspaper’s downplaying into nonexistence health and other concerns about the newest and most powerful broadband cellular networks. (Verizon’s and everybody else’s.) Just as it would not be unreasonable to assume a connection between corporations’ money in politics and governments’ treatment of corporate interests.

Wikipedia assigns concerns about 5G to the “conspiracy theories” corner, where Wikipedia also puts challenges to official narratives of the Kennedy and King assassinations of the 1960s and the mountain of fabrications that is the official story of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Wikipedia and the Times have that in common.


The New York Post has been having a ball with its exclusives about Hunter and Joe Biden’s involvement in lucrative business affairs of questionable correctness in Ukraine and about Hunter and Jim’s involvement in potentially lucrative business affairs in China — spoon fed to the pro-Trump tabloid by Rudy Giuliani. Most mainstream news media outlets have not. For them, these matters are nonmatters. Nothing at all. Not that there’s nothing to the allegations, but coverage anywhere near in proportion to their validity and significance could help re-elect President Trump.


This week journalist Glenn Greenwald left The Intercept, the online news organization he helped start in 2013. He asserts that the editing of his story on the Post series and its reception amounted to unacceptable censorship. HERE is his most recent draft of the story. He titled it “The Real Scandal: U.S. Media Uses Falsehoods to Defend Joe Biden From Hunter’s Emails.” The Post reporting and articles about it elsewhere, Greenwald writes, provoked extraordinary efforts by a de facto union of media outlets, Silicon Valley giants and the intelligence community to suppress these stories.”

HERE is Matt Taibbi’s version of the whole thing on Substack, the same Internet platform Greenwald used to publish his article. And HERE is New York Times reporter Katie Robertson’s brief story on it buried inside the business section of Friday’s Times.

The Intercept’s website says it “gives its journalists the editorial freedom and legal support they need to expose corruption and injustice wherever they find it.” 


HERE is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivering his “International Message for Freedom and Hope,” which has appeared online recently. Among other things, he talks about Children’s Health Defense and the goal of getting views expressed fairly on subjects that tend to get one-sided treatment in the media. HERE he is in August speaking before a throng of several thousand in Berlin at a Rally for Freedom and Peace..


There’s a blue moon in the sky tonight. For Billie Holiday singing “Blue Moon” in 1952, click HERE. For The Marcels singing about it in 1961, click HERE.

There’s some kind of moon in the sky every night. For The Capris singing about it in 1961, click HERE.

— Mark Channing Miller

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