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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world closer together, somewhat in the same way the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, did. Below are a few headlines translated from Le Monde and El País, national newspapers in France and Spain. The idea is to supplement reports readers might already be listening to, watching or reading, to provide other perspectives.

El País

Spain decides to extend for 15 more days the state of alert in the coronavirus crisis: The prime minister has communicated it to the autonomous communities and will request Congressional authorization

(España decide prorrogar 15 días más el estado de alarma por la crisis del coronavirus: El presidente del Gobierno se lo ha comunicado a las comunidades aútonomas y solicitará la autorización del Congreso)

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Bolivia postpones the May presidential elections: All political parties, except [former president] Evo Morales’s MAS, which leads in polls, support the suspension

(Bolivia aplaza las elecciones de mayo: Todos los partidos, salvo el MAS de Evo Morales, que encabeza las encuestas, apoyan la suspension)

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‘There are things that have been done right [in Mexico], but that doesn’t mean everything will turn out well’: World Health Organization leaders praise sound judgment in a country with serious economic problems like Mexico

(“Hay cosas que se están haciendo correctamente, pero eso no significa que todo va a salir bien”: Los responsables de la OMS alaban la prudencia en un país con graves problemas económicos como México)

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The embrace that is keeping Colombia in suspense: A mayor with coronavirus had close contact with President Ivan Duque and with hundreds of local mayors

(El abrazo que tuvo en vilo a Colombia: Un alcalde con coronavirus tuvo contacto estrecho con el presidente Iván Duque y con centenares de alcaldes locales.)

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Spain already has more than 1,700 deaths and 28,500 cases: Germany to decide today whether to confine its citizens

(España suma ya más de 1.700 muertes y 28.500 contagios: Alemania decide hoy si ordena el confinamiento a sus ciudadanos)

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Latest word on Covid-19: Italy adds 651 deaths as its death toll climbs to 5,476 | Spain’s government decides to extend for 15 more days the state of alert | Spain records 1,753 deaths and 28,572 cases | Twelve percent of the infacdted are health workers, 3,475 are workers | Distribution of 640,000 test kits begins; 8,000 are for the Madrid region | Germany prohibits gatherings of more than two persons, but is not ordering its citizens confined | Angela Merkel is in preventive quarentine

(Las últimas noticias del coronavirus Covid-19, en directo | Italia suma otros 651 muertos y la cifra de fallecidos sube a 5.476: El Gobierno decide prorrogar 15 días el estado de alarma | España registra 1.753 muertes y 28.572 contagios | El 12% de los contagios son sanitarios, 3.475 trabajadores | Comienza el reparto de las 640.000 test kits, 8.000 son para la Comunidad de Madrid | Alemania prohíbe las reuniones de más de dos personas, pero no confina a sus ciudadanos | Angela Merkel está en cuarentena preventiva)

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Le Monde

According to the latest toll, 674 people have died in [French] hospitals of Covid-19 since the epidemic began in France, 112 of them since Saturday evening; a total of 16,018 cases have been confirmed by tests; some 7,240 persons are hospitalized and 1,746 are in intensive care.

(Selon le dernier bilan, 674 personnes sont mortes du Covid-19 en milieu hospitalier depuis le début de l’épidémie en France, don’t 112 depuis Samedi 21 mars au soir, 16 018 cas au total ont été confirmés par des test, don’t 7 240 personnes hospitalisées et 1 746 en reanimation.)

–   –   –

[French] Parliament votes to establish a ‘health state of emergency’: The text gives a legal framework to special provisions that have begun to be put into effect since March 16

(Ce que contient la loi instaurant un « état d’urgence sanitaire » votée par le Parlement: Ce texte donne un cadre légal aux dispositions d’exception qui ont commencé à être mises en œuvre depuis le 16 mars.)

–   –   –

Coronavirus epidemic in the world – Italy and Spain are the European countries most affected: Elections postponed, border posts deserted, people shut in, curfews in effect; the Covid-19 epidemic, whose toll rose to 13,000 on Sunday, paralyzes a good part of the planet

(Epidémie due au coronavirus dans le monde – l’Italie et l’Espagne sont les pays d’Europe les plus touchés : Elections reportées, postes-frontières désertés, personnes confines, couvre-feux déployés : l’épidémie de Covid-19, dont le bilan s’élevait à 13 000 morts Dimanche, paralyse une grande partie de la planète.)

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