Non-9/11 Physics

A Facebook friend sent the following message regarding a May 27 article in

“We interrupt our regular garden photos for the following message: A stability analysis of the ice sheet covering a large area of Greenland suggests that the ice melting may be approaching a point of no return.

“The Greenland ice sheet—an important component of Earth’s climate system—is losing mass at an accelerating rate. A great concern is that the ice sheet could be headed toward a tipping point, beyond which the ice cap would be permanently lost. A new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, suggests that a large part of Greenland’s ice sheet may be close to such a tipping point. The complete melting of Greenland’s ice cap could lead to a sea-level rise of up to 7m and may trigger a cascade of other climate instabilities …

“The researchers acknowledge that more research is needed to firmly establish whether a tipping point has already been reached or whether it might be close. In particular, other feedback mechanisms need to be considered, including both destabilizing effects—notably the decrease of albedo due to ice-cover loss—and stabilizing effects—such as the increase of snowfall due to warming temperatures.”

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I’ll try to get permission to identify the friend by name and background.

What does the article recommended have to do with 9/11 truth? Everything does.

— Mark Channing Miller

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