Notes, 2-12-21

The day of the Super Bowl, last Sunday, I came across this quote:

The rewards of the difficult life of honesty and dedication to the truth are continual growth, effective intimate relationships, and the knowledge that one has served as a source of illumination and clarification to the world.

It appeared in M. Scott Peck’s 1978 book, The Road Less Traveled, and again in a 1993 collection of quotes from that and Peck’s The Different Drum, published in 1987. The collection (referred to in this blog earlier) contains 366 quotes, one for every day on a leap year, and that one was for Feb. 7 of any year.

At least some parts of the quote fit a lot of truthers, who are people who don’t necessarily swallow the official narratives of a given event or situation, or any number of events or situations, and don’t want to shut up about it. The event this blog talks about most is the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, known collectively as “9/11.” But truthers on one thing tend to be truthers on other things, and they (or at least I do) notice all sorts of patterns common to official coverups adopted by a society, in large part owing to owners and managers in the news business.

Enough for now about that, except to say that I don’t follow those quotes of Peck’s every day, but when I come across that little book somewhere in the house, as I did last Sunday, I look for the quote for that day.

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Leslie E. Robertson died yesterday at 92. He was one of the structural engineers involved in the building of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, which came down into their own footprints 20 years ago this coming Sept. 11 during the terrorist attacks—like Building 7 nearby. An obituary appeared in today’s New York Times, by Fred A. Bernstein, with contributed reporting by James Glanz and Alex Traub. Times subscribers can read it HERE. The same obituary appears in HERE, and can be read by nonsubscribers to the Times. Others are also online.



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