Notes, 5-14-21

‘20 Years On from 9/11’ — That’s Allison Ferns of BBC Radio Sussex introducing her interview with a brother of Geoff Campbell, whose family is seeking an inquest in the U.K. court system into his death at the World Trade Center in New York during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

There’s nothing brand new about the Campbell family’s pursuit of the inquiry. What is new is that the conversation is on a mainstream media show. As Architects & Engineers points out HERE, the show’s consideration of the matter follows last month’s major story on it in the British tabloid the Daily Mail.

The three segments of the show on the Campbells and 9/11 begin at minutes 1;07, 2:08 and 3:11 — about 30 minutes in all in the four-hour show, but they will be isolated by the A&E people and presented by themselves … any day now.

Reinvestigate 9/11 — One of Fern’s radio interviews is with Ian Henshall of Reinvestigate 9/11. A look at that group’s site turned up this description of the Campbell’s quest:

”The reopening of Geoff’s inquest under the UK Coroners Act of 1988 provides a uniquely promising opportunity to establish in a court of law that the destruction of the Twin Towers was caused by pre-planted explosives and incendiaries and not by the impact of the airplanes, as cited in the first inquest.

“For a new inquest to be ordered, the Campbells only need to show that the coroner in the first inquest did not have all the material facts and that the new evidence may change the original verdict.”



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