Notes, 5-24-21

Christopher Sorensen writes authoritatively in “A People’s Guide to the War Industry” on what he calls the military industrial congressional complex. It is the first of five articles by him to be relayed by Consortium News. Sorensen’s book Understanding the War Industry was published last year by Clarity Press.


Catherine Austin Fitts speaks authoritatively about possible connections between the Covid virus, central banks and “a complete digital control system” (including mind control) worldwide. The 48-minute interview is titled “Mr. Global’s Bid for Economic Totalitarianism and Transhumanism — IF We Allow It.” Portions are transcribed in the link. Parts have been exempted for the film “Planet Lockdown.”


The second item above was linked by Edward Curtin in his essay “Second Stage Terror Wars,” mentioned in this blog last Friday (“What’s Going On?”).

— Mark Channing Miller

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