Pittsfielders Speak

Perambulations SE 10 – 11

     Mark and I circulated along downtown Pittsfield streets wearing the “9/11 TRUTH” signs front and back (as on 2018 trans-Massachusetts walk), 2019 September 10 and 11. It was especially satisfying the second day ~ SE 11, displaying 9/11 TRUTH signs on the anniversary of the original events.

It was easier to encounter people and engage them in conversation compared to 2018, as this time everybody was on foot (or wheelchair) … although plenty of drivers honked, waved, gave thumbs up, or exclaimed out of open windows.

As it was last year, the impression was of overwhelming support of 9/11 truth. We did not approach people “cold”; only individuals or small groups who showed obvious interest in talking. To those persons we generally passed some 9/11 truth literature.

Conversations revealed an impressive volume of thought about 9/11 ~ real, concentrated, individual efforts to put together the many scraps of evidence (of “inside job” and more) into a coherent, rough but consistent whole of the 911 story, including nuggets of truth new to us.

Two “discussants” were from the other side, i.e. supporting the official government narrative of 9/11. Their responses were dismissive: “I don’t want to hear that nonsense,” or personally attacking: “Now you sound like Trump.” That too is typical of the opposition: dismiss or personally attack, and sidestep substantive debate. They reiterate officially approved arguments, in the process making evident their vacuity.

~ Bruce

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Sidewalk Perspectives

     Bruce and I encountered largely friendly – and relieved – reaction as we walked up and down the sidewalks of North, South, and nearby streets of downtown Pittsfield with our four “9/11 TRUTH” signs. (Thanks to Massive Graphics for quickly supplying a substitute for one of the four they made for our April and May 2018 walk from Provincetown to the New York State line that had been misplaced.)

My personal favorite of all the assessments of the U.S. government executive branch’s phony conspiracy narrative for the atrocities of 18 years ago, and counting, was this on Tuesday from a woman in a motorized wheelchair with a friendly small dog on her lap:

“It’s a whole fat-ass lie!”

This citizen had done her homework.

— Mark

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