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People interested in getting to the bottom of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are requested to go HERE and please take the time to read a five-page letter to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and look at an accompanying redacted “summary of persons, companies, and entities who may have material information related to … federal crimes….”

Names of those persons, companies and entities are redacted from the summary made available to the public but are specified in the list sent to the U.S. Attorney.

In sending the carefully worded letter and the accompanying supplement to its previous petitions, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has taken the next step in an effort to ensure it has the desired attention of the U.S. Attorney so that perpetrators of federal crimes committed in his district don’t get away with any number of crimes including mass murder, none of which is specified.

The letter merits careful reading and rereading. It is a key step in a legal process to determine whether justice can prevail related to the crimes surrounding that event of seventeen and a half years ago.

Note that the two lawyers who signed the letter appear not to know whether the U.S. Attorney has yet empaneled the federal Special Grand Jury to which they refer, or intends to empanel it. They do refer to his letter of last November 7 in which he stated that his office would comply with the law to which they referred in previous letters to him.

The mission of the Lawyers’ Committee, according to a footnote, “is to promote transparency and accountability regarding the events of 9/11, and regarding the events leading to and resulting from 9/11. The Lawyers’ Committee believes that the family members of the victims of the tragic crimes of 9/11 have a compelling right to know the full truth of what happened to their loved ones on 9/11, and that Congress and the Department of Justice, in order to do their jobs, have a compelling need to know.”

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