A letter to the editor in this morning’s Berkshire Eagle,* headed “Learning leads to truth in ignorant times,” reads as follows:

“Look to knowledge for truth, seeking ever for righteousness, unlike some who wallow in deliberate ignorance and stumble into twittering lies.

“I would hope that my children and many others would look to and promote learning as the true path revealing truth, rather than be absorbed by floods of propagandistic tweets in ignorant repetitiveness!

“Open our minds, Lord, that we may see and hear your designed laws of science that correctly lead toward peace and comfort for all, and a seasonal prayer of obedience and faith.”

[signed] Fritz Doerring, [town of] Adams

— Mark

* The daily newspaper in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, second-to-last town on a walk Bruce and I took last spring from Provincetown to the New York State line at Hancock to call attention to the need for a real investigation into the mass murders and destruction of Sept. 11, 2001.