‘The Real Plan?’

Yesterday I recommended two recent pieces of writing on energy and mentioned in passing Richard Heinberg and the Post Carbon Institute. I just visited PCI’s website and a post-election piece by Heinberg originally published by Common Dreams. 

HERE it is. It’s titled “The Real Plan? Make America Ungovernable.” It is dated Nov. 20 but is still fresh.

“The Real Plan?” is unlike other post-election summaries. It will not be comforting to many people, except those who have despaired of what the mainstream media and social media have been serving, and especially what they leave out. For many it paints an unrecognizable and impossible picture of reality.

“The Real Plan?” combines political, social, cultural and energy-resources analysis and has some recommendations at the end, the best of which is to talk with a lot with people you don’t think you agree with and listen carefully and respectfully to what they have to say.

— Mark Channing Miller 

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