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Dorothy Day would be 122 today. She was born on Nov. 8 in 1897, in Brooklyn. (She died on Nov. 29, 1980, in Manhattan.)

Here’s a quote of hers:


But, shouldn’t one try both to be faithful to the truth and to be effective? The best answer may rest with the key word “worry.” Try to be faithful to the truth and be effective. Try not to let lies dominate your country’s foreign policy — or other policies of your government. And don’t worry.

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard opted for truth concerning the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001: what happened, who made it happen, how, why? The vehicle for this would be U.S. House Resolution 662, introduced by her on Oct. 29. (Please see mention of this in the blog entry just below this one.)

News of her decision was made known on the Internet and — surprisingly — also in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and the Connecticut Post (out of Bridgeport), all of which used an Associated Press report. This represents something of a change for mainstream media outlets, for which 9/11 truth has fallen into a category of information best left unrelayed, or verboten to relay.*

Her proposing House Resolution 662 may just be an example of truth and effectiveness rolled into one political act. How will her House colleagues react? How many cosponsors signed onto a similar House resolution in 2017? How many votes will the 2019 version get? Will that vote get any coverage in the news media? Hint: was there any news coverage, at all, of U.S. Senate Resolution 610, in 2017?

If she were alive and in her prime, how would Dorothy Day view all this? How would she act?

Happy Birthday, Dorothy!

Aloha, Tulsi!

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* A previous version of this blog entry erroneously said the New York Times, the Washington Post and AP neglected to report on Ms. Gabbard’s introducing U.S. House Resolution 662, promising to correct it if it was wrong. In fact, the AP did report on it and the Times and the Post were among the news organizations that used the AP report by Karen Matthews. The previous version also got the date of her House action wrong.

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