Ukraine, 6-13-22

First, reports from Reuters, the Associated Press, and National Public Radio; others accessible by clicking on their names below. — MCM


What next? Ukraine’s allies divided over Russia endgame, by John Irish, Andreas Rinke and Humeyra Pamuk | Reuters PARIS/BERLIN/WASHINGTON — Is it better to engage with Russian President Vladimir Putin over his invasion of Ukraine or to isolate him? Should Kyiv make concessions to end the war, or would that embolden the Kremlin? Are ramped up sanctions on Russia worth the collateral damage? These are some of the questions testing the international alliance that swiftly rallied around Ukraine in the days after the Russian invasion but that, three months into the war . . . READ MORE . . .


The battle of Donbas could prove decisive in Ukraine war. From the Associated Press Day after day, Russia is pounding the Donbas region of Ukraine with relentless artillery and air raids, making slow but steady progress to seize the industrial heartland of its neighbor. With the conflict now in its fourth month, it’s a high-stakes campaign that could dictate the course of the entire war. If Russia prevails in the battle of Donbas, it will mean that Ukraine loses not only land but perhaps the bulk of its most capable military forces, opening the way . . . READ MORE . . .


The White House is considering a presidential visit to Saudi Arabia. Reported by Jackie Northam | National Public Radio Despite its concerns over human rights, the Biden administration is changing its stance toward Saudi Arabia in a bid to lower global oil prices and tame gas costs at the pump. Click HERE to listen and, tomorrow, read.


Russia continues to make violent, grinding gains in eastern Ukraine. Reported by A Martínez and Nathan Rott | NPR Ukrainian officials are warning that the next few days could be critical to a key city in the region. Click HERE to listen and, tomorrow, read.