Ukraine, 6-17-22

Here are links to reports from the Associated Press, Reuters, and National Public Radio; others are accessible by clicking on their names below. That will be it for today. — MCM


As Russia presses assault, Ukraine given possible path to EU. From the Associated Press KYIV — The executive arm of the European Union recommended today that Ukraine be granted candidate status to one day join the 27-nation bloc. The promise of membership in a union created to safeguard peace on the continent holds deep symbolism for the nation at war. But it . . . READ MORE . . .


Analysis: With record pump prices, Biden hard-pressed to ramp up Russia sanctions, by Timothy Gardner | Reuters WASHINGTON — As the Biden administration contemplates expanding punitive measures on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, a big hurdle lies closer to home: the American consumer. U.S. drivers are embarking on summer vacations with gasoline prices averaging . . . READ MORE . . .


U.S. ambassador to Ukraine: ‘It’s going to be a long, grinding, tough war.’ Reported by Greg Myre, Julian Hayda and Fatma Tanis | National Public Radio The war is nearly four months old and there’s no end in sight. The momentum has swung back and forth, and Russia now appears to have the upper hand in the current fighting . . . Click HERE to listen and read.

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