‘We Expect to Win It’

A victory may be in sight.

Near the end of the “9/11 Media Tool Kit” referred to in the entry of two days ago, litigation director Mick Harrison of the Lawyers’ Committee, says about the lawsuit* filed March 25 against the FBI and the Justice Department:

“[A]s a lawyer, I expect to win it. You might be surprised…. Not every 9/11 litigation that’s been tried in the past for citizens has had success. This one I expect to win — and for a very simple reason: All this evidence we’re talking about is either in the hands of the FBI (which is true, I think, for five of the six categories), and the other category that Richard [Gage] mentioned they’ve acknowledged the work of the Architects & Engineers and their plan to review it.

“[A]ll we have to prove to win this case is that the evidence is 9/11-related, that the FBI knew about it, that the original 9/11 Commission did not consider it, and that the new [9/11 Review] Commission did not assess it.

“And I can tell you — you can read our complaint,* black and white, on all four of those points, on all seven of the counts. We should win on each one of these.

“So this is not a symbolic action. We expect to win it. We expect it to result in a new assessment of evidence to be given to Congress and then by doing that we expect the American public to be better informed.”

–   –   –

* To read the full lawsuit, click HERE and again on the Download button.

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