Well, Would You?

The Green Party sent out the paragraphs below last night, the eve of Earth Day, in a fund-raising email. There’s more about the party’s climate change message at https://www.gp.org. — MCM

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Would you jump out of a plane with only half of a parachute?

That’s exactly what President Biden is proposing, with his rumored plan for a 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 when the climate science tells us we need to go 100% clean, fossil-free, renewable energy by 2030.

Trump was a climate crisis denier. Biden and the Democrats are climate solutions deniers. They’ll both lead us to a catastrophe.

Please donate to the Green Party today, because nothing short of a transformation of government will put our society on track to stop the climate crisis. The Green Party can be that transformation because we don’t take the fossil fuel money that keeps Biden in denial.

Tomorrow is Earth Day and Greens are organizing events across the country, up to May Day! …

No matter where you are, you can tell President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to stop following the fossil fuel money and start following the climate science.

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