Wolf, 3-21-23

A chunk of a new post by “an American feminist author, journalist and conspiracy theorist” (per Wikipedia) appears below, thanks to a recommendation by Robert W. Malone, M.D.— MCM


The death of culture: How lies killed books

By Naomi Wolf

The staffers at the Brooklyn branch of Jackson McNally Bookstore, an independent bookstore which had for years been a stalwart outpost of free-thinking publishing, were still masked, against all reason. I walked in with some trepidation.

Peacefully, faces covered, three years on, they stacked books on the shelves.

I was astonished, as I wandered the well-stocked aisles. Independent bookstores usually reflect the burning issues in a culture at that given time.

But — now — nothing.

It takes about two years to write a book, and about six months to publish one. It was surely time for the new important books from public intellectuals, about the world-historical years through which we had just lived, to appear.

But — no.

In the center of an altar to literate culture, it was as if the years 2020-2023 simply did not exist and had never existed.

This can’t be possible, I thought. This all — the “pandemic,” lockdowns, denial of education for children, forced masking, forced vaccinations, “mandates” — a crashed economy — globally — this all, as an aggregate, was of course the most important thing ever to have happened to us as a generation of intellectuals.

I kept on searching the stacks. Nothing.

I checked the Top Ten Nonfiction Books in Time.

None had to do with the pandemic policies or the “lockdowns” or the mandated mRNA injections into billions of humans. [https://time.com/6238717/best-nonfiction-books-2022/]

I surveyed the lanes lined with books, perplexed and . . . READ MORE . . .