A Teacher’s Story

Seventeen Septembers ago Jacqui Taylor Basker returned to teaching at P.S. 305 in Brooklyn rather than continue in a summer job at the World Trade Center. As a result, she avoided being trapped in the South Tower on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Click HERE for her brief account in the latest issue of WestView News, a neighborhood monthly in lower Manhattan, where she lives.

In it, she describes mysterious workmen carrying large black bags who on several days that summer entered a section of her floor in the office tower that was prohibited to others.

She writes of being hospitalized in mid-September 2001 for inhalation pneumonia and later developing asthma from months of breathing dust from the WTC building collapses and cleanup operations two miles south of where she lived.

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To watch 40 minutes of interviews of people who lived or worked within a few miles of the WTC, click HERE. It is titled “Aftermath: 9/11 and New York Artists,” and Basker helped make it.

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