Flight 11 Fishiness

American Airlines Flight 11 was a Boeing 767 jetliner that allegedly departed from Logan International Airport in Boston on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

There is some doubt about the departure, to say the least. Author and researcher James Perloff’s take on Flight 11 may be found HERE. It’s a blog post titled “Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11,” adapted from a chapter of his 2013 book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

Some commentary on this post emailed in two separate messages from a seemingly knowledgeable friend:

“Just started with the pdf and it is mostly Mis info. … Perlof [sic] mentions that cell calls from an aircraft at speed nearly impossible. Not nearly , absolutely impossible.   … Cell Calls ?  Impossible but I believe the GTE calls were cell calls also. ( General Telephone ) FLT AA 11 was on the ground at 8:18 at perhaps CEF AFB. That’s what R Roth* claims. That’s a great pdf. Lots of info in one place.”

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* Rebecca Roth, former flight attendant and author of the 2015 novel Methodical Illusion


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