Briefly . . .

. . . an appeal to any readers of this blog who did not catch Friday evening’s part of Justice Rising: please try to see Science Saturday on Saturday afternoon and Big Picture Sunday on Sunday evening.

Justice Friday was sensational. I can’t think of a participant on screen who was not (a) brilliant, (b) a good communicator, and (c) determined.

As someone said in a video montage of moments in the last 19 years, the truth will out. Friday night’s four hours of presentations (the thing lasted an hour longer than advertised) showed that this truth effort has become a movement that is not going away and may well succeed. In terms of its importance to our freedoms, it has to. They also showed that what we know as “9/11” is related to other phenomena in recent American history and current happenings.

Most viewers will not understand everything said. Lawyers and others familiar with legal terminology and concepts will have an edge as viewers of some parts. Ditto engineers in other parts.

Again, please try to watch on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.

Now I’m going to bed.

— Mark Channing Miller

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