Don’t Forget . . .

. . . this weekend’s free online Justice Rising conference begins at 6 this evening Eastern Time. Click on the link above and scroll down for instructions on how to attend.

Tonight’s three hours are called Justice Friday. “The Long Road to Justice,” an introduction, features AE911Truth founder Richard Gage. It is followed by “A UK Family Fights for Truth,” “Closing in on NIST”* and “The Expanding Legal Front.”

Tomorrow afternoon’s three hours are called Science Saturday. Its segments are “Lights, Camera, Building 7,”** “Global Failure: Evidence Engineers Can No Longer Ignore” and “Reflections from Three Pioneers of the 9/11 Truth Movement.”***

Sunday evening’s three hours are called Big Picture Sunday. Its segments are “False Flags and Wars of Terror,” “9/11 and the Advancing Police State” and “The Library of Alexandria Is on Fire: Internet Censorship from 9/11 to Today.”

Please see the conference link for details. If they take a bit of time to appear (as they did this morning), it may be because the site is experiencing greater-than-usual volume.

–   –   –

* National Institute for Standards and Technology

** About the new documentary film “SEVEN

*** The best-known of these is author David Ray Griffin.


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