Contrary to Expectation

Ralph Nader, HERE, enumerates 19 dangerous paradoxes of life these days that have undermined citizens acting like citizens in this country.

At least two partially explain why truths about the “9/11” attacks against the United States remain largely blanketed in the dust of government/news media obfuscation 18 years after the attacks:

#3. Never have people been able to use their right to free speech so unencumbered, yet a torrent of lies are now spread so freely and are often unchallenged.

#13. Never has there been more to read, yet there are so few readers reading. Historically, we have gone from illiteracy to literacy to aliteracy.

Headlined “Shame of a Nation” and “The 1% Rules and the 99% Let Them,” the list appeared Monday courtesy of the free Once Daily Digest Email service of

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