Many people — perhaps a majority in the United States by now — are fine with the conclusion that the government/mass media narratives about the mass murder and mega-theft of the attacks against this country on Sept. 11, 2001, are hokum of the worst kind, scientifically impossible, and degrading even to contemplate. Or at least we’re getting to a majority as a society.

I come across people quite often who agree about the impossibility of the narratives that were accepted for years but who have lots of other matters in their lives and so don’t peep up about the impossibility of the government/mass media line.

I have lots of other things I care about in the public realm myself. However, I reason that there are hundreds if not thousands of people already working away in each one of them on the side I’m on. I’m with them. But rather than be one-five-thousandth or one-ten-thousandth or one-five-hundred-thousandth of a social whole in these various endeavors in the United States (to the NGOs of which I contribute in various relatively small ways), I choose to keep trying to draw attention to the importance of WHAT THE HELL ACTUALLY HAPPENED — what demonic forces worked carefully behind the scenes to make it happen — on Sept. 11, 2001, and WHAT COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED, contrary to what key individuals and agencies of the executive branch of the U.S. government said happened.

Another day I may provide an annotated list of the things I care about besides getting to “9/11” TRUTH and JUSTICE and, at some point, RECONCILIATION.

For now, HERE is a recent rant by the self-styled “rogue journalist” Caitlin Johnstone. It is titled “On Psychopathy and Power.”

Is it related to those the whos and whats and wheres and whys and whens and hows of those attacks?

Is it related to how the forces at play can keep significant, unapologetic, public discussion of these matters bottled up?

Is “It is what it is” the de facto motto of this country?

Please read the rant and think about it.





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