Notes, 1-30-21

Links Left Out of Thursday’s Entry: An Associated Press story by David Bauer on Tom Brokaw’s retirement announcement last Friday is HERE. A New York Times story on Marty Baron’s announcement of his retirement from the Washington Post, by Katie Robertson and Marc Tracy, is HERE (but accessible mostly to Times subscribers only); it’s headed “A News Giant Earns a ‘Breather.’” Robertson and Tracy followed up the next day with THIS story about “a generational changing of the guard … coming to the news industry.”

‘MLK/FBI’ Director Sam Pollard Interviewed: Robert Scheer talks, HERE, with the director of the popular 2020 documentary on the FBI’s surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King Jr. HERE, reviewer Odie Henderson calls the film “superb, infuriating.” Other reviews online are from Rolling Stone and The Atlantic. Earlier this month this blog reprinted, HERE, Richard Krushnic’s 2014 account of King’s assassination.


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