Notes, 4-8-21

Happy Birthday! to Seymour Hersh. Eighty-four today, according to NPR’s “Morning Edition.” His memoir, Reporter, published in 2018, should be out in paperback and available at libraries or through interlibrary loan.

’Politics and Poker’  A song from the Broadway musical “Fiorello”

Three More Obits: In the Berkshire Eagle short biographies show the diversity of human experiences in the newspaper’s readership area. Each person written about lived here for at least part of his or her life. Each is part of the human comedy (thanks, William Saroyan). Featured one day this week were Brent Thomas Leonesio, Emily Taylor Andrews Leeds, and Phebe Cramer. One can look them up online, but read there their stories may have a different effect than if found the old-fashioned way on page A4 with their grainy stamp-sized black-and-white photos.

‘The Bankers and the Diplomats Are Going in the Army’ A song written and performed by Michael Cooney

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